How Do I Add A Character To My New Build Interior

Adding Character to New Build Interior

To add character to your new build interior with wall art, unique lighting fixtures, textured fabrics and rugs, statement pieces, and personal mementos. These elements can bring warmth, personality and a sense of uniqueness to an otherwise generic new build interior.

Wall Art

For the interior of a new construction, add charm to your walls with various types of wall art! These could include paintings, prints, tapestries, and framed photographs.

To make the walls even more interesting, layer different types of art. This will create depth and dimension in the space. You can also use larger artwork to make a statement and add character.

Moreover, incorporate unique textures such as woven baskets or macrame wall hangings. This will give a warm atmosphere to the space.

Pro Tip: To have an eclectic yet cohesive design, mix and match different styles of wall art.

Rather than focusing on personality, why not let a unique lighting fixture take the spotlight in your new build?

Unique Lighting Fixtures

Installing unique lighting fixtures can be a great way to enhance the character of a new build interior. These fixtures will become a focal point and create an atmosphere for the space.

Chandeliers work best in entranceways, living rooms or bedrooms. Pendant lights are good in kitchens, dining areas and bedside tables. Having different layers of light is advisable to create variety in style and illumination.

Wall sconces, recessed ceiling lights and floor lamps are other options. Placing the fixtures across the ceiling in different positions provides flexibility to experiment with trends and styles.

Before electricity, candles were used for illumination. This method is still evident in electric candle-like bulbs, creating softness when necessary. LED strip lighting is also popular in newly-built homes today, adding uniqueness to minimalism or futurism themes. Textured fabrics and rugs give a warm, cozy feel.

Textured Fabrics and Rugs

To add character to a new build interior, fabrics with diverse textures and patterns plus the right rugs can do the trick. Try textured fabrics like boucle, velvet or wool – they offer visual and tactile pleasure. Rugs define spaces in open-plan layouts and give a comfy feel. Mix patterned fabrics on cushions or curtains with solid-coloured upholstery for interest. Different scales of patterns blend together for dimension. Layer materials for contrast and depth. Using wool, cotton and linen in fabric choices gives varied texture with cohesion.

Accessorize with chunky knit throws or woven baskets that match the texture scheme. Ensure quality and durability in high-traffic areas with natural material rugs. Create a warm yet sophisticated environment suitable for any new build interior design project.

Statement Pieces

Choose an oversized artwork for a focal point to add character to a new build interior. Use sculptural lighting fixtures to create interest. Add a bold area rug for a pop of color or pattern. Showcase vintage or antique furniture pieces to make it one-of-a-kind. Hang an unusual mirror to reflect light and expand space visually. Splurge on custom-made furnishings or accessories for special flair.

Mix textures, colors, and styles among your Statement Pieces for added variety. Each item should complement the rest of the room’s design elements, while also standing out. This creates a cohesive yet interesting space.

Pro Tip: Pick items with meaning to you. They could be from travel or memories with family and friends. These personal touches will elevate your new build interior even further than cobwebs the builders left in the corner.

Personal Mementos

Incorporate Sentimental Objects!

Adding sentimental objects to your interior design adds character and makes your space feel like home. Showcase them as accessories or focal points. Mix old and new items to create interesting contrasts.

Try using sentimental items as functional pieces of furniture. A vintage trunk as a coffee table, for example.

Bring your new build to life with personal touches! Show off things that matter to you. Sarah did this by displaying her grandmother’s vintage tea set. It reminds her of fond memories. And who needs expensive paintings? Frame your child’s abstract finger paintings and call it ‘modern art’!

Wall Art

To add character to your new build interior with wall art, explore various options like gallery walls, statement art pieces, and DIY art projects. These sub-sections can provide great solutions to make your walls come alive with visually pleasing and meaningful artwork.

Gallery Walls

Constructing a Gallery Wall? Think carefully about the layout. Frames should match each other and the room’s style. Vary sizes, shapes and colours for added depth. Mix artwork such as photos, paintings, sketches and typography for contrast. Personalize with 3D objects and memorabilia for extra depth and personality. Before hanging, lay it all out on the floor first. No need for therapy – just stare at the art and ponder your existence!

Statement Art Pieces

Been searching for eye-catching pieces to upgrade your home or office? Check out these striking art pieces! They’ll add a touch of personality to any space.

  • Make a statement with bright, artistic paintings.
  • Add texture and depth with sculptures and installations.
  • Unconventional pieces such as neon signs or mixed media are sure to show off your unique style.
  • Make a conversation starter with thought-provoking artworks.

Statement art pieces can add character and energy to your space. There’s a huge range of options – something that speaks to you is sure to be found.

Be sure to browse our collection of statement art pieces. From subtle to show-stopping, we’ve got it all! Why not create your own DIY masterpiece instead of buying expensive wall art?

DIY Art Projects

Let’s explore the world of handmade art and create artistic masterpieces! A great way to rejuvenate your creative streak is through ‘DIY Art Projects.’ Here’s a guide:

  1. Brainstorm Ideas. What inspires you? Focus your energy on that subject.
  2. Gather Supplies. Collect brushes, canvases, paints, paper, and glue.
  3. Create a Masterpiece. Let your imagination flow. Experiment with textures and depths.
  4. Showcase Your Art. Post it online or display it in your home.

For something unique, use unconventional materials like leaves or feathers. Collaborate with other artists to bring new ideas and styles. Repurpose old materials and found objects to make intricate works of art.

Try different colour palettes, plan and place each part carefully, and add depth with shadowing techniques. Who needs a Picasso when you can have a unique lighting fixture that shines brighter?

Unique Lighting Fixtures

To add character to your new build interior, unique lighting fixtures with pendant lighting, chandeliers, and floor lamps may be your solution. In this section, we will guide you through the benefits of using distinct lighting fixtures. We will explore the sub-sections of pendant lighting, chandeliers, and floor lamps and how they can add personality and elevate the ambiance of your space.

Pendant Lighting

Give your lighting an upgrade with stylish pendant fixtures. Let your living space shine with trendy pendant lighting that come in unique shapes, designs and materials. Make a statement with a pendant lamp – a stunning lighting fixture that provides focused illumination.

You can get creative with modern materials such as bamboo, glass, metal and crystal. Plus, there are multiple finishes like brushed nickel, matte black and more.

For a wow factor, try clustering different sizes and styles of pendants over a kitchen island or dining table. It will add depth and character to any room. Want to live like royalty? Hang a chandelier in your living room and wait for your martini!


Let your imagination sparkle with amazing luminaires! These grand features that beautifully decorate the ceiling are known as masterpieces of art.

Look closely at the handcrafted perfection of the following luminaires:

Chandelier Name Materials Used Light Source
Crown Silver Chandelier Silver and Crystal LED Light Bulbs
Bahia Palace Chandelier Murano Glass and Brass Halogen Bulbs

In the past, chandeliers were mainly used to light up areas, usually seen in castles. As time passed, they were improved by incorporating glass to add a special sparkle.

It’s obvious these shimmering gems have a regal history. Who needs a disco ball when you can have a lamp that acts as your own private party?

Floor Lamps

Floor lighting is an essential part of home decor. Illuminate your space with unique light fixtures to create a modern vibe. Here are some points for selecting the best floor lamps:

  • Frame Material: Pick from different durable materials such as wood, metal or brass that match your interiors.
  • Height: Floor lamps come in various heights, so you get the perfect fit for your room.
  • Bulb Type: Select the ideal bulb type based on the brightness, color temperature and ambiance you want.
  • Style: Pick between modern, traditional or minimalist styles based on the theme of your decor or room.
  • Usage: Think of your lounging or working requirements while choosing from a selection of bendable, arc or task lamp designs.
  • Multiple Lights: Multi-functional designs with multiple light sources let you customize brightness and functionality.

Choose from a variety of colorful shades to complete your couch or curtains. Invest in superior quality floor lamps with adjustable dimmers and smart synchronization with Google Home/Amazon Echo devices for convenience.

Add luxurious illumination and style to elevate any interior design today! Fun fact: The history of floor lamps dates back centuries ago when oil lamps were placed atop ornate stands before electricity was invented.

Get ready to feel luxurious with textured fabrics and rugs, because nothing beats a shag carpet.

Textured Fabrics and Rugs

To add character to your new build interior with textured fabrics and rugs, focus on the sub-sections of Throws and Pillows, Area Rugs, and Window Treatments. These elements can bring depth and personality to a space, while also serving practical purposes like comfort and insulation.

Throws and Pillows

Transform drab rooms into fabulous! Add personalized textures with velvet, faux fur, and woven blankets. Mix and match different colors and patterns of throws and pillows. Variety in shapes? Opt for round, square, or rectangle decorative pillows. For a personalized touch, add statement pillows with motivational quotes or art designs. Unify the space with matching pillows on couches or armchairs. Seasonal-themed throws and pillows ensure long-lasting engagement. Area rugs? Add a fancy hat to your hardwood floors! Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to enhance your interiors.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great way to add style to any space! They bring texture, warmth and color. When choosing an area rug, here are 5 points to consider:

  • Size and shape that fit the room
  • Pattern and design that match the style of the room
  • Texture to create depth and dimension
  • Fiber material that fits your lifestyle and maintenance needs
  • Layering rugs to complement existing decor

Plus, area rugs protect floors from scratches and damage. They also offer cushioning for feet, reduce fatigue, provide insulation and absorb noise pollution. Invest in high-quality materials like wool or silk and maintain them regularly.

Are you aware of the ancient history of area rugs? They have been around since 2500 BC when Egyptians crafted them from reeds. Today, they are still popular around the world and are an important part of the textile industry.

Ready to make your windows look amazing? Window treatments are like the jewels of home decor.

Window Treatments

Window furnishings are essential for home décor. They come in shades, curtains and blinds. Each brings distinct benefits and unique designs.

Shades come in bamboo, wood, and other materials. Roman shades give texture and cellular shades provide insulation.

Curtains are versatile and customizable. Sheers create an airy feel and heavy drapes control light.

Blinds are modern and minimalistic – ideal for large windows and doors. They provide complete light control.

Window treatments can add warmth and emphasize a theme. They create elegance for any architectural setting.

Did you know that in ancient Egypt, window treatments were exclusive to the wealthy? Common people had few openings to let light in. Now, you can use them to make a statement in your home!

Statement Pieces

To add character to your new build interior, focus on statement pieces with furniture, accent decor, and unique accessories. Each sub-section offers a unique solution to elevate the overall aesthetic of your space. Statement furniture can set the tone for the room and create a focal point. Accent decor can add pops of color and texture. Unique accessories can add personality and a touch of quirkiness.

Statement Furniture

Statement Furniture is the sophisticate’s go-to for interior design. Unique items that become the focal point of any space, reflecting individual taste and style.

Table of Statement Furniture items:

Designer/Furniture Item Materials Characteristics that stand out Design Tech Advancements
Modern Geometric Coffee Table Marble, Stainless Steel Irregular geometrical shapes, sleek design 3D printing technology
Eames Lounge Chair Molded plywood, Leather Iconic design, comfortable
Crystal Chandelier Crystal, Metal Elegant, sparkling, reflect light throughout the room LED technology
Mid-century Modern Sofa Wood, Fabric, Leather Low profile style, clean lines, angled legs

Remember, Statement pieces don’t have to be expensive or over-the-top. Balance with simple designs, and pair with matching pieces. Light it up! Illuminate to show off Statement Furniture features. Pull textures around to change perceptions.

Who needs a personality when you have accent decor to speak for you?

Accent Decor

Bring Elegance Into Your Home

Add depth and visual interest to your living space with the right accents. Decorative pieces can make your home look chic.

Check out these Accent Decor Pieces:

  • Mirrors: Reflect light and add drama to walls.
  • Wall Art: Uplift your mood with colorful or witty sayings.
  • Lighting: Chandeliers, floor lamps and pendants create drama.
  • Baskets: Woven baskets add texture and storage.
  • Vases: Add color and height to any surface.

Look for unique items like Bohemian cushions, antique screens or architectural salvage. Play with textures and mix patterns and colors. Make layers of interest on tables and shelves.

Contrast materials like metallics against unfinished wood, or antiqued mirrors with modern fixtures. You’ll make each piece stand out.

Accent decor shows off your style. Not only does it look great, but it also creates functional spaces.

Unique Accessories

Accessories That Stand Out!

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Make yourself unique in a crowd and show your personality through fashion with statement pieces. Here’s five ways to make your accessories stand out:

  • Choose handmade or limited-edition pieces
  • Be brave with colors and textures
  • Mix different styles and eras
  • Go for custom elements, such as monograms or embroidery
  • Try layering different jewelry pieces

Elevate Your Accessory Game!

Make your accessories one-of-a-kind with rare or vintage items. Unusual details like intricate beading could be a great addition. Practical items like scarves or belts can also add the wow factor to any outfit.

Suggestions to Make Accessories Pop!

For inspiration, try a bright scarf with a neutral outfit for a splash of color. Or layer delicate gold necklaces over a graphic t-shirt. Whatever your style, don’t be afraid to experiment. Less isn’t always more when it comes to making a statement! Your personal mementos won’t tell any tales, but they’ll sure look great!

Personal Mementos

To add a personal touch to your new build interior, fill it with unique personal mementos. Family photos and portraits, travel souvenirs, and memorabilia and collectibles each offer a way to showcase your memories, personality, and experiences in a meaningful, creative way.

Family Photos and Portraits

Family pics and portraits are reminders of cherished memories and special times. They’re a visible record of our family’s story, helping us to relive meaningful experiences.

  • Photos help us remember those who have passed.
  • Portraits of relatives remind us of our heritage.
  • Pictures of kids show their progress.
  • Images of family gatherings revive happy memories.

In addition to preserving memories, these photos can be used to decorate our homes. Displaying them adds a personal touch to any room, giving a cozy feel to the house for us and our visitors.

Pro Tip: Organize your family photos into albums or digital files. It’ll make it easier to find specific pics when you want to relive those moments.

Travel Souvenirs

Preserving memories from travels? We love collecting meaningful pieces that remind us of the amazing places we visited. For Travel Souvenirs:

  1. Tokens of Adventure: Hiking sticks, handmade pottery, postcards with breathtaking views – all remind us of our adventures.
  2. Treasures from Local Artisans: Supporting the community, and getting insight into their culture and skillset.
  3. Food and Beverage Specialties: Exotic spices, rare wines – take the essence of your trip home.
  4. Natural Reminders: Shells, pine cones, rocks, flowers – experience nature’s beauty up close.
  5. Attire and Accessories: Gear or ornaments specific to your destination – reminder of the incredible time.
  6. Art Pieces: Paintings that depict sceneries you encountered – inspiration to continue exploring.

Unique items make souvenirs special. Get something out-of-the-ordinary to cherish memories forever! Pro Tip: Look for shops outside tourist areas or main shopping centers; shop locally wherever possible.

Memorabilia: Ticket stubs, empty soda bottles – a perfect way to show off your hoarding skills.

Memorabilia and Collectibles.

Personal mementos are items collected with sentimental, historical or monetary value. Autographs, photographs, souvenirs and sports memorabilia are some examples. These objects carry personal meaning and connection to a person’s past experiences or interests.

Memorabilia and collectibles come in many forms. Sporting items are related to athletes or teams (jerseys, balls, cards). Cultural items relate to cultural events/occasions (tickets, programs, posters).

Personal mementos can hold more than just sentimental value. Collectors may pay large sums for them. Or they may donate them for charity or display them in museums, so the public can appreciate their historical importance.

The Smithsonian Museum has over 154 million artifacts and specimens. They serve as a reminder of our past and can inspire the future.

Caring for personal mementos properly can ensure their preservation for future generations. This can instill respect for the past and encourage wisdom through time.