How Do I Get The Country Look In My House


To achieve the charming country aesthetic in your home with your furniture, consider incorporating rustic wooden tables, antique chairs, and worn leather sofas. Each of these sub-sections offers a unique element to the overall appearance of your space.

Rustic wooden tables

This section showcases craftsman-style wooden furnishings with rustic charm and durable design. Our selection of rugged wooden tables feature raw textures and natural elements, adding a touch of wilderness to your home decor.

Our rustic wooden tables are handcrafted by skilled artisans. They pride themselves in creating custom pieces that will stand up to daily use and add character to your space.

Each table is unique, with imperfections making them one-of-a-kind treasures. A study by the University of St Andrews found people have an emotional attachment to furniture. It can evoke memories and feelings associated with past experiences.

Antique chairs may be considered outdated, but they have ‘character’ – just like an ex-boyfriend!

Antique chairs

Antique Seating:

Discover the exciting history of seating from a different era with antique chairs. Delve into three features that make them unique: intricate wood carvings, plush upholsteries, and rustic finishes. These furnishings are works of art, displaying the skills of craftsmen from the distant past.

Plus, they let us look at the lifestyles and preferences of aristocrats from long ago. Their designs pay homage to royalty, empires, and iconic time periods.

Did you know about “The Coronation Chair“? Every British monarch since 1308 has sat on it! This iconic piece of furniture is just one example of the rich historical heritage and legacy embedded in antique seating.

If these aged sofas could talk, they’d have more stories than a library!

Worn leather sofas

Leather seating that displays signs of age can be a stylish statement. Here’s why vintage leather sofas are special:

  • Their flaws give them a charm that new couches can’t.
  • They’re made from durable materials.
  • They have a muted patina that’s warm & charming.
  • They bring back nostalgia & history.
  • They’re eco-friendly & don’t need replacing often.
  • They can be cared for & restored to keep their look.

What makes worn leather sofas special is the stories behind them. Each scratch, stain & fray carries its own unique tale! They also deepen in hue with age, like wine, radiating sophistication that you won’t find in newer pieces.

I once walked into a friend’s living room. There was a beautiful brown vintage sofa amongst modern decor. We sat there in awe of it. He then told me his grandfather bought it in 1940 in Brooklyn, NY for his first store. Every time my friend looks at it, he is reminded of his late grandfather’s passion for quality, antiques & memories.

Furniture isn’t just ornaments! It has so much more to offer.


To achieve a charming country look in your home, decorations play a significant role. For this purpose, incorporate woven blankets and rugs, floral-patterned curtains, and vintage signs and paintings. Each of these sub-sections carries its unique style and texture that complements the overall aesthetic of the country look.

Woven blankets and rugs

Woven textiles are key decor elements that have been used around the world for centuries. Crafted through interlacing yarns or other materials, these pieces give a beautiful, personal touch to any room.

  • Use woven blankets and rugs to give a cozy, rustic vibe or a contemporary bohemian look.
  • High-quality, intricately-woven wool rugs can be centerpieces on walls or floors.

They last for a long time, and each pattern tells a unique story with deep cultural heritage. Did you know that weaving blankets began 5000 years ago? This skill kept going through generations, showing how important these textiles have been in history as decor and as a connection to our ancestors.

Floral-patterned curtains

Elegant curtains with delicate flower patterns? Yes, please! These curtains bring sophistication to any room. The floral motif is striking yet subtle – ideal for adding warmth and tranquility. Plus, they provide privacy and light control. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or just need to update your decor, these curtains are perfect.

For versatility, pair them with any furniture style or color. They look great against bold walls or neutral ones. Plus, there’s plenty of pattern options to choose from – soft pastels to bold jewel tones.

Bring more flower power to your interior design. Coordinate floral-patterned curtains with flower-inspired decor elements like throw pillows or area rugs. This will tie together any room in a flash.

Architectural Digest says florals create serenity and coziness. So it’s no surprise floral-patterned curtains are a popular choice among homeowners. For a classic look, add vintage signs and paintings. Nothing says ‘classy’ like an old Coca-Cola advertisement!

Vintage signs and paintings

Vintage art pieces are timelessly appealing and ideal for modern home décor. These classic signs and paintings give off an air of sophistication. Here’s how vintage signs and paintings can elevate your interior design:

  • Character, texture, and charm are added to any space
  • They make conversation starters
  • They provide a peek into history and culture
  • They evoke nostalgia and sentimental value
  • They blend in or accentuate retro looks
  • Various eras, art movements, and themes are available

For a fresh twist on vintage décor, add antique posters, ads, or architectural drawings. This creates a contemporary style with an old-world feel.

To create a polished look, vary the shapes, colors, and framing of the vintage wall art. Mix it with salvaged furnishings and antique glassware to achieve a refined atmosphere. Why not just throw paint on the wall and call it a day?


To infuse your house with the rustic charm of the country look, focus on earth tones like browns, greens, and blues. Adding accents of red or yellow can give your space a pop of color. To achieve an authentic and cozy feel, furniture with distressed finishes can complete the look.

Earth tones (browns, greens, blues)

Earthly hues like browns, greens and blues are warm tones. They resemble natural elements and have been used for fashion, interior design and art. These colors show warmth, calmness and grounding.

Browns are linked with stability and protection. Green is related to life, growth, nature and harmony. Blue stands for trustworthiness, stability and wisdom.

Olive is associated with peace. Jade green represents purity and emerald green symbolizes wealth. Cerulean blue implies power and powder blue stands for tranquility.

These colors add depth to designs. They appear in natural scenery such as forests or grasslands. They give an aura of authenticity when used in interior spaces or clothing schemes.

Did you know? Brown was a primary pigment in Ancient Egypt’s hieroglyphs. Additionally, brownish hues were common in North American tribes like Navajo/Diné for rugs and textiles.

Earth tones are timeless due to their connection to nature. They create calming emotions and balance through the blend of shades. When it comes to red or yellow accents, make a statement! Subtlety isn’t an option.

Accents of red or yellow

Red and yellow touches are essential in color selection. They stimulate attention, focusing the viewer’s eye on significant details.

  • Red: It brings warmth and vibrancy, representing passion and energy. Careful use of red adds urgency and movement.
  • Yellow: It creates a cheerful mood, evoking positivity. Effective use as call-to-action can garner more response.
  • The Right Mix: Mixing red and yellow in fonts and images strengthens brand identity when used with contrasting colors.
  • Complementary Hues: Using warm reds with cooler blues creates a visually pleasing contrast.

Incorporating these hues requires thoughtful use. Experimenting with different colors is ideal to make your brand unique.

Not using enough red or yellow might limit appeal. This could lead customers away without engagement.

Using pops of these colors correctly in visuals will bring complexity. This can turn heads and earn positive results. Ultimately, it will draw attention and give excitement around the message!

Distressed finishes on furniture

The ‘distressed techniques’ of furniture give it a vintage vibe that modern styling can’t. To achieve this, sandpaper, distressing tools or chemical solutions can be used. By removing paint layers, the layer underneath is visible and shows the wood grain, making each piece distinct.

Distressed furniture has many design options. It can be used with different colours, tones and textures to create styles such as rustic, shabby chic and beachy. This process is versatile and unique.

One way to get this finish is dry brushing. This involves applying paint thinly with small strokes, leaving subtle hints of wood colour. Another way is to target specific areas like edges, crevices and apexes, then sanding harshly until the wood peeps out. Both techniques create a mix of modern and traditional vibes.


To achieve the country look in your home with the right lighting, consider warm, soft light, lanterns or candle sconces, and natural light from windows. In this section, we will explore the role that lighting plays in creating the ambiance of a country-style home. Check out the benefits of using each type of lighting solution in your own space.

Warm, soft light

Creating a cozy atmosphere is easy with gentle, warmth-emitting illumination. This is known as “pleasant and inviting light”. Incandescent bulbs or yellow LED lights create a relaxing ambience. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas that need relaxation.

To up the cozy factor, use dimmers and timers. Lowering the intensity and setting timers for lights that are easily forgotten.

For character and depth, include table lamps and floor lamps. These provide a comfortable glow.

Pro Tip: For a natural touch, pair softer lighting with wood. This brings warmth to traditional and contemporary spaces. For an even more romantic atmosphere, try lanterns and candle sconces. Just remember to not accidentally burn down your house!

Lanterns or candle sconces

Brighten your living space with lanterns or candle sconces! These timeless fixtures can add a touch of sophistication to any home. They can be hung from the ceiling or wall-mounted, and come in different styles and finishes. Ensure that the wax residue won’t damage your surroundings or create a fire hazard.

Choose the perfect fixture for you, based on size, placement, and functionality. By incorporating these timeless lighting accessories into your home, you’ll be guaranteed sophistication with added benefits.

Pro Tip: For an even more breathtaking look, combine these fixtures with modern lighting like LED chandeliers or hanging ceiling lights. Windows are like the original Instagram filters – they give you sunlight and fresh air!

Natural light from windows

The entry of sunlight through windows is essential for any enclosed space. It creates an aesthetic atmosphere and offers energy savings by reducing reliance on artificial light sources. Proper window placement and direction to the sun can maximize these benefits.

Window treatments such as sheer curtains, cellular shades, and louvered blinds should be selected to allow natural light penetration while maintaining privacy. Mirrors or reflective surfaces can also be used to optimize daylight entry and distribution throughout the room.

Interior decor can be used to bounce natural lighting from walls, floors, and furniture. These practical solutions will help spaces benefit from natural light sources. Thoughtfully designed windows and window fixtures with complementary enhancements can amplify the light’s presence.


To achieve the country look in your house, details like mason jars for floral arrangements, industrial metal accents, and wooden crates for storage and decoration will do the trick. In order to add a rustic feel to a modern home, these small details can go a long way in creating a cozy and charming atmosphere.

Mason jars for floral arrangements

Glass Mason jars can bring a wow factor to any event! Here’s why:

  • They come in many sizes and shapes
  • Keep water and extend the life of delicate flowers
  • Create a rustic, vintage look

Plus, they are eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Your guests will appreciate the eye-catching visuals without compromising quality.

For a truly captivating arrangement, try decorating or painting the jars to match your event. You can go wild with stripes, polka-dots, or any other design.

Glass Mason jars can take your flower pre-arrangements to the next level. Don’t miss out! Get the industrial metal feel with some metal accents to complete the post-apocalyptic factory vibes.

Industrial metal accents

Metallic embellishments add sophistication and resilience to industrial settings. Steel or iron can be used for furniture, fixtures, and decorative pieces. Darker metal hues can create a balanced contrast to lighter tones, resulting in an attractive look. Brushed and matte finishes can give an updated vibe. Textures, patterns or shapes can be experimented with for unique detailing. Combining metals such as brass and steel can make a space extraordinary. Balance functionality and aesthetics when using metal accents. Select enhancements that offer both personality and functionality for a stylish and lasting look.

Wooden crates for storage and decoration.

Wooden crates are a great way to spruce up any décor and provide useful storage. Here are five benefits of using crates:

  1. Durability: Strong and resistant to damage.
  2. Customizable: Numerous sizes, shapes and colors.
  3. Eco-Friendly: Made from renewable sources.
  4. Space-saving: Nest them when not in use.
  5. Organization: Keep items organized and accessible.

Plus, wooden crates honor nature’s beauty and remind us of sustainability. Recycle them and be mindful of our carbon footprint!