How To Decorate A Victorian Style Bedroom

Victorian Style Bedroom Essentials

To decorate a Victorian style bedroom, you need to incorporate essential elements such as a specific color scheme, appropriate furniture and upholstery, complementing lighting, curtains, drapes, and a rug or carpet for an overall coherent look. In the upcoming sub-sections, we will discuss each element to help you achieve a visually stunning Victorian-style bedroom.

Selecting a Color Scheme

When planning a Victorian-style bedroom, colors are key. A helpful table with typical hues from this era can help pick out a color scheme. For example:

Color Combination Colors
Burgundy with gold olive green, and cream
Royal blue soft pink, ivory, and gold
Olive green plum, burnt orange, and mustard yellow

Unique touches like florals or damasks in complementary colors add flair. Rich textures and fabrics such as velvet or silk in bedding and accents can enhance the design. Dark wood furniture with intricate carvings or brass accents complete the classic feel. With the right color coordination, your Victorian-style bedroom can reflect your own style. Upgrade your furniture for a vampire-in-a-coffin feel with better back support.

Furniture and Upholstery

For a Victorian-Style Bedroom, antique-inspired furniture and intricate upholsteries are crucial. Table 1 below lists some true Victorian Style Furniture and Fabric selections.

Category Examples
Bed Frame Brass, Wrought Iron, or Carved Wooden Beds
Dresser Mahogany, Walnut or Cherry Wood Dressers
Armchair Velvet Upholstered Wing Chair
Ottoman Button Tufted Leather Ottoman
Chaise Lounge Ornate Floral Pattern Chaise Longue
Lamp Tiffany Glass Lampshade
Drapes Velvet Drapes with Tassels

Fabric selection is also important. Rich hues like burgundy, emerald green, navy blue or ruby red are great for patterns. Avoid contemporary accents as well as pastels or linen. Heavy textiles such as Jacquard, Brocade, Damask or Chenille are ideal.

Alexander Julian said: “Design is not for philosophy—it’s for life.” This emphasizes the importance of design in our daily lives.

For a Victorian-style bedroom, don’t forget to add the perfect lighting. Candles can set the mood – and potentially catch fire to the curtains.


The Illumination.

For a Victorian-style bedroom, illumination is key. Pick an intricate chandelier or pendant light to be the elegant centerpiece enhancing the room’s aesthetic. Use warm-colored bulbs to soften the walls and furniture.

It’s also important to have bedside lamps matching the décor. Unique vintage lanterns or artistic lampshades can create a mellow lighting effect. Wall-mounted sconces pair well with patterned wallpaper and rich fabrics for reading nooks.

Floor lamps around furniture pieces add depth and accentuate them. Exotic candlesticks on mantels or shelves create a serene atmosphere.

Fairy lights draped around mirrors or curtains infuse whimsy into traditional decor while creating snug sanctuaries.

As the Victorians say, a bedroom without curtains is like a garden without flowers – incomplete and exposed.

Curtains and Drapes

Window Coverings:

When it comes to Victorian style bedrooms, window coverings are key. They can change the room and add character.

  • Velvets, silks, and brocades for drapes.
  • Sheer curtains with lace trims or embroidery.
  • Fringed or tasseled tiebacks for extra detail.
  • Colours like deep reds, greens, blues, and golds.

For grandeur, try floor-length drapes. These will frame windows and create the desired opulence. Wealthy Victorians even embroidered with gold and silver thread. (source:

A rug is essential in a Victorian bedroom. But, watch out for midnight snack trips!

Rug or Carpet

For your Victorian-style bedroom, you may want to add a floor covering to add warmth, texture and an overall look. A popular textile accessory is ‘Floor Coverings’.

Rugs and carpets differ in many ways.


  • Natural/Synthetic Fibers; usually small in size.
  • Can be purchased in any style or design.
  • Easier to clean, can shake outside.


  • Synthetic/Natural fibers; covers entire floor space of a room
  • Limited designs; should match whole room decor.
  • Have to hire professionals for cleaning; spot-cleaning regularly.

Rugs can offer versatility; they can be moved around or stacked for storage. Carpets provide continuity; they cover the entire floor space which expands design options.

A friend threw out their carpet after one year; it was stained and worn. They now prefer owning a rug which has lasted over three years with occasional cleaning.

Adding a Victorian touch to your bedroom is like time traveling! Beds had canopies, curtains, and maybe even a chamber pot.

Victorian Style Bedroom Decoration

To decorate your Victorian style bedroom with elegance and sophistication, explore the sub-sections below for solutions: adding wall decor, incorporating antiques or vintage items, displaying artwork, dressing up the bed, and using accessories. These tips will help you create a timeless and romantic look in your bedroom.

Adding Wall Decor

Victorian Style Bedroom Charm – A Wall Decor Guide!

Want to add some charm and elegance to your bedroom? Here are five great ways to decorate your walls:

  • Hang framed portraits or paintings with ornate frames
  • Install a wallpaper with intricate patterns on one accent wall
  • Display antique mirrors
  • Decorate with decorative plates of various shapes and sizes
  • Set up a bookshelf with vintage books

For an extra touch, try adding some floral arrangements, sculptures or sconces!

Make your bedroom a cozy haven with Victorian-style wall decor. Travel back in time without leaving your home!

Incorporating Antiques or Vintage Items

For a timeless Victorian style bedroom, antiquities and vintage items are a must! Check out local antique stores and flea markets for unique pieces such as elegant china sets, antique mirrors, wooden frames, vases, and oil lamps. Plus, reproductions of period pieces are more affordable than genuine antiques.

When decorating, remember to match the colors of your room, mix and match antiques with modern pieces, and use antique textiles like lace or embroidered fabrics. Keep it minimal and give each piece space to be appreciated.

When it comes to artwork, go big or go home to a larger wall space.

Displaying Artwork

Victorian style décor was made more complete with artwork. To achieve this look, utilize picture rails for easy installation and adjustment. Also, mix and match frames to create an eclectic feel. Statement pieces can also add character. Find detailed oil paintings, antique mirrors, or Victorian lithographs to elevate the aesthetic. My friend got creative with flea market antique prints. She framed them in intricate gold casings and hung them on picture rails. Her bedroom radiates quirky opulence.

Transform your bed into a Victorian dream with these simple styling tips.

Dressing up the Bed

Make your sleeping chamber alluring by elevating the design of your bed. Layer bedding with vintage patterns, intricate linens and blankets. Add a sense of fancy sophistication with fluffy down comforters or duvet inserts.

Pillows with ruffles and lace edging make the bed feel comfy and luxurious. Invest in an antique frame or headboard for an authentic feel. Brass beds with their straight lines and curves enliven the ambiance of a Victorian style bedroom.

It’s worth noting that standard mattress sizing wasn’t used during Victorian times. Twin beds were most popular, so four-poster and canopy beds were highly popular to add height and an illusion of spaciousness to narrow rooms.

Decorate your bedroom like it’s straight out of the 1800s! Don’t forget your monocle and top hat.

Using Accessories

To get the Victorian Style bedroom decor, accessories are key. For a lavish and opulent look, you can use antique lamps, candelabras, decorative curtains, drapes, tapestries, ornate mirrors, picture frames and artwork with golden frames.

Dressing tables can be adorned with crystal and silver containers and jewelry boxes too. Cushions, throws, bedding with quilted headboards will make your bedroom look even better. Photo frames or hand-painted ornamental boxes are also great for the room.

Remember, in those times, ornamental collectibles were a status symbol. Women of wealth would show off their prized porcelain items. These imported pieces were rare and expensive. Formal events saw intricate ceramic plates, platters and bowls, decorated with tracery.

So, why not feel royal in your very own bedroom? Add these Victorian details, without the stuffy corsets and wigs!

Victorian Style Bedroom Details

To master the details of creating a Victorian style bedroom, focus on accent wall patterns, ornamentation and moldings, incorporating florals and frills, maintaining order, cleanliness and final touches. Each sub-section presents its own unique solutions and techniques for bringing to life a bedroom that captures the essence of Victorian design.

Accent Wall Patterns

Accenting the Wall with Bold Patterns

Bold patterns on an accent wall make for an eye-catching decor in a Victorian style bedroom! Six of these patterns include:

  • Vertical stripes in earthy tones
  • Toile de Jouy prints
  • Flocked damask wallpaper
  • Lattice or trellis wallpaper with traditional roses
  • Bird and butterfly prints on a neutral background
  • Circular geometric patterns in pastel hues

For a sophisticated touch, stenciled boiserie effect or painted faux molding adds texture without being overwhelming. This stylish detail on an accent wall makes it pop in the room.

Pro Tip: Focusing on one accent wall allows other elements in the room, such as furniture and accessories, to compliment the design rather than compete against it.

Who needs a therapist when you can admire the ornate moldings in your Victorian bedroom?

Ornamentation and Moldings

Take a trip back in time with Victorian-era-inspired design elements. Hand-carved details on cornices, baseboards, ceiling medallions and picture railings can create an ethereal effect. Raised panels and mouldings tastefully accentuate walls while adding depth and texture. Crown moulding adds grandeur to the top of walls near the ceiling. Chair rails offer an opportunity to add color highlights or wallpapers, and divide space.

Inject modernity into this classic look with statement pieces from antiques stores or markets. Think French dressing tables or four-poster beds. Lighting can also make a modern spin – vintage-inspired chandeliers juxtaposed with LED bulbs.

Don’t overdo it – too much ornamentation can result in visual clutter. Balance styles for sophistication without making it overwhelming. A little bit of frill never hurt nobody – unless you’re in a horror movie set in a Victorian mansion!

Incorporating Florals and Frills

For a Victorian style bedroom, it’s essential to incorporate floral and frilly details. Here are some ideas:

  1. A quilted or embroidered coverlet with lacy pillow shams for the bed.
  2. Sheer curtains featuring floral patterns or lace accents.
  3. Vintage florals in oil paintings or lithographs on the walls.
  4. Ornate floral motifs in furniture, such as carved wood or brass handles.
  5. Antique perfume bottles or a vintage tea set as unique accessories.

These details can make the room really pop! In fact, during the Victorian era, ornamental decoration was all the rage. It influenced fashion and home decor, resulting in elaborate embellishments and intricate patterns.

Maintaining Order and Cleanliness

Achieve the Victorian style look and feel with an organized and clean space. Clear surfaces of books and knick-knacks. Schedule regular cleaning for linens and bedding. Neatly store clothing items in dressers or wardrobes. Incorporate hidden storage solutions like ottomans or under-bed boxes. Dust and vacuum regularly. Enhance the aesthetic with coordinating colors and textures. Make the bed every morning to keep the space tidy. Add antique doorknobs and light switches to truly transport yourself back in time, or just to confuse thieves.

Final Touches

To enhance the Victorian-style bedrooms, extra details are essential. These touches perfectly suit the whole design.

Final Touches may include:

  • Pretty patterns on materials and items
  • Lacy curtains and frilly bedding
  • Elaborate chandeliers or antique lamps
  • Ornate mirrors or old-fashioned paintings

Moreover, small but original details, like decorative hooks and knobs, can significantly boost the beauty of the bedroom. These create the perfect harmony between boldness and delicacy, like the style necessitates.

A hidden fact is that Queen Victoria herself took inspiration from medieval structures to design her mansions.