How To Find Antique Art

Ways to Find Antique Art

Antique Art – Where to Score One?

Explore galleries, auctions, online platforms and local stores to find that perfect antique art piece!

  • Galleries and auctions can give you unique finds.
  • Online platforms like Etsy, Ebay, Artsy and Invaluable have antique art from all around the globe.
  • Local antique stores often have hidden gems.

When looking for antique art, remember to check for authenticity and condition. Researching the artist and time period can add value to your purchase.

Unearth a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your collection!

Online Marketplaces

To find antique art online, turn to the vast marketplaces available at your fingertips. With eBay, Etsy, Ruby Lane, Chairish, and Invaluable at your disposal, discovering unique and priceless pieces is easier than ever before. Let’s explore these online platforms and unearth the treasures they hold.


eBay, the renowned online marketplace, provides a platform for buyers and sellers to buy, sell, and auction items. It was founded by Pierre Omidyar on September 3, 1995, and is based in San Jose, California.

Apart from auction-style listings, the platform also offers fixed-priced sales and classified ads for special or rare items. eBay has had a major impact on e-commerce by changing the way people purchase and sell goods digitally.

Reports point to an incident in the early years of eBay’s existence, where a buyer bought “Goliath beetles” but received common American cockroaches instead. This incident was widely discussed on various online forums, and caused harm to both parties involved. It highlights the importance of accurate product labeling and truthfulness when dealing in online marketplaces.


Sellers can personalize their shops with logos and eye-catching product listings. The mobile-friendly app makes it easy for buyers and sellers to connect.

Etsy Studio helps creative folks buy the supplies they need for their projects. Plus, they offer digital downloads of printable artwork or patterns.

Sellers can use marketing tools like Promoted Listings to increase visibility. Data shows strong revenue growth since its launch in 2005.

Etsy is eco-friendly, encouraging compostable shipping materials and fair trade practices.

One seller found success by creating unique crochet items that went viral on social media. They went from minimal sales to over 100 orders a month, and now own a successful small business from home – thanks to Etsy!

Ruby Lane is a stop for antique hunters and online shoppers looking for vintage treasures.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is renowned for its plethora of vintage and antique items. Quality and authenticity are the name of the game, giving independent vendors a platform to flaunt their scarce finds. From art deco jewelry to mid-century modern furniture, Ruby Lane offers an edited shopping experience for those searching for unparalleled treasures.

Delve into nostalgia with Ruby Lane’s nostalgic collectables – from handmade quilts to ancient tapestries. It also caters to contemporary desires, featuring modern art pieces and designer clothing. The website’s dynamic search system makes browsing hassle-free, helping customers to discover exactly what they are looking for.

This marketplace stands out from the rest with its exclusive client service and customization options. Buyers can benefit from personalized recommendations to gift wrapping services, gaining an upgraded retail experience.

A California-based buyer obtained a necklace on Ruby Lane that immediately stole their heart. Upon receiving it, they noticed a single absent stone. They contacted the seller who responded promptly and offered to replace the stone without cost. The buyer was ecstatic with the smooth process and left a glowing review about their amazing experience on Ruby Lane.


A marketplace for vintage and one-of-a-kind home furnishings and decor is a great find. It has high standards to ensure the items listed are authentic. It also provides a safe and easy shopping experience, leading to customer satisfaction.

Plus, it offers premium services like white-glove delivery and professional interior design advice. This adds value to customers who want a complete design service from experts.

Pro Tip: For successful selling, add multiple photos and detailed descriptions. You won’t understand the value of online marketplaces until you try selling a haunted doll on Craigslist!


Online marketplaces are a great tool for businesses. They give access to a big customer base, so you can expand and make more sales easily. Plus, you don’t need to set up your own e-commerce platform. That means you can save time and money for other things like product development and marketing.

Test out new products without having to spend too much. Just list them on these platforms, and see what customers are interested in. Then, you can adjust your strategies.

To make the most of the online marketplaces, optimize your listings. Include clear product descriptions, competitive prices, and great images. Customize your storefronts to show off your brand and stand out from the competition.

Feel like royalty on the couch? Check out online marketplaces!

Auction Houses

To find antique art at auction houses, use Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams, Phillips. These top auction houses around the globe offer remarkable collections of art, antiques and rare finds. Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams, Phillips are some of the popular choices for buyers and sellers to find antique art.


Christie’s, an esteemed auction house renowned for its illustrious history of selling rare, valuable items is a leader in the art market. Their experts’ passion and knowledge makes them a premier destination for collectors and investors. Christie’s expansive network enables them to reach buyers and sellers across the globe.

They are known for their dynamic auctions and boundless influence on hallmark sales. They offer unmatched services, transforming the art world. Their customer service and marketing techniques keep them ahead of competitors.

Educating people is a major priority for Christie’s. They host lectures, restore celebrated works of art, and show an unwavering commitment to artistic endeavors. Unlike Sotheby’s, Christie’s values artwork more than the price tag.


Renowned auction house, Sotheby’s, is a renowned institution in the art world. Its history dates back centuries, to the 18th century. The company is known for its fine art expertise and customer service. It holds auctions for classic pieces from artists like Monet and Picasso, and offers contemporary works from living artists too. With a global reach, collectors can access Sotheby’s services worldwide.

Sotheby’s works hard to keep its good reputation. It provides personalized attention to clients. Its staff of experts guides them throughout the auction process, from pre-sale estimates to post-sale follow-up. It also has specialized departments for areas such as jewelry, watches, and wine.

In 2019, Sotheby’s set a new record for the highest price ever paid for a work of art at an auction. An Italian painting by Amedeo Modigliani sold for $157 million.


Phillips Auction House has an impressive history. Founded in 1793 by John Bonham, it started with book sales before venturing into fine arts. Now, it caters to a diverse range of collectors and art enthusiasts from around the world.

The skilled curators research and authenticate items for sale. They also set reserve prices. Bonhams hosts multiple auctions throughout the year, making it a renowned institution amongst collectors.

The team at Bonhams gives personal attention and transparent communication during the entire auction process. They also use innovative techniques, such as virtual tour technology, to market items. This allows people to view objects in detailed 3D formats online.

Phillips Auction House has a long legacy, and has become a leading player in the international auction arena.


Phillips is a renowned auction house, famous for displaying rare and unusual art pieces. Their vast selection of art, design, photos, and jewelry is chosen with care to amaze art fans around the globe. Specialty departments are devoted to modern art and 20th-century design, reflecting the cutting-edge spirit of the pieces.

This auction house not only has a broad financial reach, but also excels in forming relationships with collectors and creating advantageous connections. This enriches the art purchasing experience, uniting artists, buyers, and collectors on an international stage.

The “New Now” section at Phillips offers newbie collectors the chance to own stunning, yet affordable artwork. They provide digital platforms to make the buying process easy and accessible.

Phillips Auction House has more than 220 years of expertise from their specialists, giving expert guidance for appraising and obtaining collections.

One notable success of this preeminent auction house was in November 2018 when they sold David Hockney’s ‘Double Portrait (1976)’ for an astonishing $38 million. Who needs a time machine when you can enter an antique fair and feel like you’ve traveled back in time?

Antique Fairs and Shows

Gatherings of antique aficionados and vendors come together to create unique opportunities for collectors to obtain classic pieces of art. Art dealers, jewelry vendors, and furniture sellers often specialize in certain areas. Visitors can explore the stalls until they find their perfect antique.

Antique Markets give patrons the chance to receive special treasures and connect with other antique lovers. Here, visitors can check out ancient objects to make sure they are genuine and of high quality, before adding them to their artwork collection.

These events exhibit amazing items such as Venetian glass, Staffordshire figures, vintage musical instruments, and other collectibles that are hard to find elsewhere.

The Natural History records that trade fairs have been around since 500 BCE in the Iron Age, when artisans from different villages got together to show off metalwork and other creations. Today, Antique Fairs and Shows keep this long-running tradition alive by connecting buyers and sellers, and preserving important artifacts from our history.

Enter these antique stores and you will feel like you’re in the past; just don’t forget to leave before you buy anything!

Antique Shops

An ‘Historic Keepsakes Vendor’ is someone who sells ancient artifacts. These vendors typically specialize in antiques, historical pieces, and collectibles that are difficult to find. They source the best items for their customers.

To find these specialists, there are several avenues. You could attend antique fairs, or look out for local advertisements. Researching online is another option. Auction houses are also a point of contact. Many consignment stores collaborate with antique vendors.

Building a relationship with your preferred vendor is important. Learn about their work, what collections they specialize in, and ask questions when you visit. Your favorite vendor may call out to you while on sourcing trips or auctions.

In addition, there are online sites that specialize in antique art pieces. Auction sites like Sotheby’s have international access to rare finds. Estate sales and garage sales can also be treasure troves for dusty, smelly items.

Estate Sales and Garage Sales

Searching for antique art? Look no further than ‘sales of belongings’: Estate Sales and Garage Sales. Here’s how to make the most of them:

  • Research – Search online or ask about upcoming events in your area.
  • Get there early – Make sure to get there to snag the best items before they’re gone.
  • Verify authenticity – Check an item’s worth and look for signs of damage or repairs.
  • Bargain – Talk to the seller and don’t be afraid to negotiate.
  • Network – Attend these regularly, as sellers often bring different pieces.

Garage Sales are usually run by individuals, while Estate Sales handle someone’s belongings who has passed away. Check them both out if searching for something special.

Tip: a few cities have annual neighborhood-wide garage sales with great finds.

ARTnews Magazine’s August 2021 issue says that authentic antique art auctioned by Sotheby’s could be of global interest. Finding antique art through classifieds is challenging, but at least you have a haystack!

Classified Ads and Online Classifieds

Ads and Posts On The Interwebs

The art world’s gone modern, and classifieds are no exception! The internet’s full of info, makin’ online ads a great way to spot antique artwork. Here’s how to use ’em:

  • Check out sites like Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. They got sections for antiques.
  • Search regional or local auction houses and galleries that specialize in antique art.
  • Explore social media platforms built for antiques and collectors.
  • Check back often. Lots of these sources get fresh items every day or week.

Remember, these options ain’t the only ones out there. Keep an eye out for trends in the digital market!

Pro Tip: Get the insiders’ scoop on antique art. Talk to other collectors, attend auctions, go to conventions! And don’t forget – the best way to get your hands on antique art is to snoop around your rich friends’ homes.

Recommendations from Experts and Collectors

Experts and collectors offer helpful hints for those seeking out antique art. They are knowledgeable in vintage items and can point out the best places to look, which types of art are most valuable, and where to find them.

A chart may include info from experts and collectors such as:

  • Preferred locations to search
  • Types of art with higher value potential
  • Recommended auction houses
  • Popular online marketplaces

It’s also important to build a network of trusted dealers. This helps to discover rare finds that may not be publically advertised.

Patience is key! The best deals may require effort or digging. For example, one collector found a Chinese vase at an estate sale in a box of miscellaneous items and purchased it for $5 only to later sell it at auction for over $30K.

Finding antique art is like a hunt for history, but with a lot more dusty attics!

Important Tips for Finding Antique Art

Searching for Rare Art Pieces: Handy Hints

Antique art pieces can be a precious addition to your collection. If you seek pristine relics, follow our advice!

  • Art Dealerships:
    Contact antique dealers and reliable galleries. They’ll help you get genuine vintage items and heighten your odds of finding rare treasures.
  • Auctions:
    Auction houses offer an ideal place for obtaining distinctive artworks with historical value. Get info on forthcoming auctions and sign up as a bidder to boost your chances of securing authentic paintings, sculptures or other fine art items.
  • Trusted Online Platforms:
    Do your research! Look into well-known online auction websites with good reputations for providing genuine antiques at fair prices. Check their reviews and feedback sections to verify dealer credentials.
  • Antique Markets:
    Visit exclusive markets and go on a hunt for rare items yourself! Wander through antiquities fairs and browse stalls with different collections of antique art pieces at varying price points.

If these popular sources don’t yield anything, consult independent researchers for advice.

As you persist in finding rare antique pieces, remember this: an experienced collector got hold of a Van Eyck painting worth millions at a flea market after examining it on a whim!