How To Make A Victorian Style Room


To create a Victorian-style room with elegant and opulent décor, you need to focus on the furniture. Victorian style chairs, tables and cabinets, and upholstery and fabrics are key elements that can help you achieve the look you desire. Let’s explore each of these sub-sections to understand how you can incorporate them into your Victorian-style room.

Victorian style chairs

Today, furniture designs abound in pieces inspired by the Victorian era. These chairs bring an architectural aesthetic and a dapper charm to any interior space – reminiscent of 19th century British Empire.

Ornate carved details, floral motifs, scrollwork and intricate patterns are common among these chairs. Large cushions are plush and comfy for long sits. Dark wood finishes such as mahogany, cherry or oak are typical. High backs and curved armrests echo the rounded nature of this era’s furniture design.

These timeless pieces offer glamour and sophistication, as well as practicality in seating arrangements for tasks.

Sometimes, original Victorian French-style chairs appear at auctions and antique stores; where they sell for a high price. In 2018, a set of twelve Louis XV armchairs, made in 1750, were auctioned at Christies London for £2m.

Tables and cabinets, akin to relationships, hold our stuff – and sometimes we have to rearrange them to make it work.

Tables and cabinets

Tables and storage units have a big role in any living space. They can bring both use and style to a room. Combining the two, they can make any area look nice, while providing storage.

Types of Tables:

  • Coffee tables
  • Dining tables
  • Sofa tables
  • Nesting tables

Types of Storage Units:

  • Bookshelves
  • Cabinets
  • Chests of drawers
  • Anchored shelves

People have different preferences. Some like the timeless look of a wooden coffee table. But others may like the modern design of a glass dining table. Cabinets give a lot of storage and show off their style. It can be mid-century modern or full of Victorian detail.

Originally tables were mainly for functional purposes. Storage was more for decoration. But now, due to lack of space and too much stuff, these pieces are much more practical. Upholstery and fabrics can be tricky with spills. It’s a game of Russian roulette!

Upholstery and fabrics

Choosing furniture coverings requires careful thought. Apart from looks, the fabrics picked will affect comfort, durability and cleaning needs. It’s essential to use fabric that suits the purpose.

Leather, vinyl and polyester are robust and easy to care for, so they’re great for high-traffic areas. Cotton and linen are soft but not as hardy. Velvet and silk are good for occasional use. Wool blends or synthetic acrylics are fire-resistant, perfect for public places.

Some fabrics fade in sunlight and pet odors may linger even after cleaning. Microfiber is stain-resistant but not breathable, so it can become uncomfortable over time.

Pro Tip: Buy extra fabric for future repairs!


To create a Victorian style room with proper lighting, you can use chandeliers, wall sconces, and lamp shades as solutions. Each of these options provides a unique ambience and feel to the room, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your preferences. Let’s take a closer look at these sub-sections to help you choose the best option for your space.


Illuminate your space with the epitome of luxury lighting fixtures – sparkling hanging ornate light fittings, known as ‘ornamental luminaries’.

Our range of exquisite chandeliers feature unique designs that will transform any area. Choose from crystal, candle, or drum shade styles. Pricing starts at $500+ for candle styles, $1000+ for drum shade, and $2000+ for crystal.

Sizes range from mini to oversized. Don’t miss out on our collection of rare designer pieces.

Let your home decor reflect who you truly are by selecting the perfect chandelier. Or, add a touch of drama with wall sconces, the perfect way to make your walls look like they’ve been hit by lightning!

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are light fixtures that add elegance and sophistication to any room. They come in many styles from traditional to modern, and materials such as metal, glass, and crystal.

When choosing wall sconces, size and style of the room and purpose of the installation should be taken into account. Incorporating dimmer switches and energy-efficient LED bulbs is a great idea. It helps save on electricity bills while reducing environmental impact!

Architectural Digest says that wall sconces provide a finishing touch to any space. They emphasize architecture, add dimensionality, and are incredibly functional.

If lamp shades could talk, they’d probably have a lot of shady things to say!

Lamp shades

Want to add some style and personality to your lighting? There are plenty of lamp shade options! From basic fabric drums to intricate glass designs, they come in many sizes, colors, and patterns. Lamp shades can totally transform a room, giving it a unique touch.

It’s important to think about the material of your lamp shade. Glass or metal is great for task lighting, while fabric shades provide softer ambient light.

Believe it or not, lamp shades have been around since ancient times – originally made of animal hides to keep the eyes from the flame’s glare! So, why settle for a disco ball when you can use your grandma’s doilies as accent lighting?

Decorative accents

To add an elegant touch to your Victorian-style room, you need to focus on incorporating the right decorative accents. Damask wallpaper, ornate mirrors, and accent pieces like vases and statues can elevate the overall appearance of the space and give it an unmatched grandeur. Let’s explore each of these sub-sections to get a better understanding of how they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Victorian-style room.

Damask wallpaper

The classic Damask design is an enduring choice for wallpaper lovers, with its intricate, floral patterns and subtle elegance. It started in Damascus and is now a popular motif in Western decorative arts.

A table of Damask wallpapers will help you see the options: colors, composition, price, and images!

Plus, Damask wallpaper is versatile: it can be minimalist or ornate, for accent walls or alcoves.

Add sophistication to your home décor with Damask wallpaper! Traditional or modern, this timeless classic brings elegance and sophistication to any room. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who needs a boring reflection when you can have an ornate one?

Ornate mirrors

Ornate mirrors can bring grandeur to any room. Intricate details add dimension to living spaces, creating striking focal points. Smaller mirrors can be used in pairs or grouped together. They can increase light and create the illusion of more space. Their vintage-inspired look amplifies old-world charm.

These statement pieces can also complement traditional design schemes or stand out in contemporary interiors. Match them with similarly styled home décor to elevate interior design finishes. Consider sourcing unique mirrors from reputable sellers, both new and second-hand. Repurpose them with bold colors to fit modern designs, while retaining their original features.

Place ornate mirrors above mantels or console tables for an instant style boost. Contrasting furniture and accessories can make these decorative accents shine even brighter. Decorating with accent pieces is like dating – choose ones that complement your style and make you feel good, but don’t steal the show.

Accent pieces (vases, statues, etc.)

Accent décor, such as vases and statues, can add sparkle to your home. 5 points to remember when picking them:

  1. Scale: Match the size of the piece to the room it’s in.
  2. Color: Match the colors or add a bright contrast.
  3. Texture: Make the piece stand out with different textures.
  4. Style: Choose something that fits the style but is unique.
  5. Placement: Put it somewhere it’ll draw attention.

Accent pieces are more than just decorations. They can set the energy of a room. Don’t miss out on this chance to create an appealing home. Find accents that show off your style. Shop our vast selection now – at prices you’ll love!

It takes time to find the right color scheme. Think of it like finding a soulmate – it takes effort and some trial and error.

Color scheme

To create a Victorian style room with the perfect color scheme, you need to consider using earth tones, deep reds and greens, and touches of gold. These sub-sections offer unique solutions that can help you achieve the elegant and sophisticated feel of a Victorian style room.

Earth tones

Natural earth tones are pigments inspired by earth’s colors. They create an organic, soothing feel. There are four key features:

  1. Neutral shades like beige and tan.
  2. Replicating natural paint like chalk and clay.
  3. Nature-related words like “rust, sage,” and “amber“.
  4. Sustainable materials for environmental well-being.

These tones also convey a calming and warm atmosphere. They blend elements of nature indoors, adding depth to furniture and decor. To enhance the naturalism ambiance, use textures like textiles or stone. For a bold look, pair deep reds and greens like Kanye’s ego.

Deep reds and greens

This vibrant mix of maroon and olive brings life to any design. The contrast from the dark shades creates an earthy elegance. Sophistication, tradition and nature are all evoked at once.

It’s best to use these colors sparingly. An accent of deep reds and greens can give depth and texture without being too intense. For extra impact, add complementary colors like yellows or blues. Incorporating textures makes the hues less daunting.

Include deep reds and greens in your color schemes and make your designs stand out. With careful usage, captivating visuals can be created that are striking and memorable. Plus, a touch of deep red and green adds a luxurious feel.

Touches of gold

Introducing gold tones into your color scheme can add a touch of opulence! It’s a warm, metallic tone that compliments surrounding hues. To incorporate a golden touch, add an accent piece or include it in typography. But remember, moderation is key. Don’t overexpose it – keep the design balanced and don’t let it overshadow other colors.

Combine cool and warm shades to make subtle golden highlights stand out. For a cohesive look, opt for consistent gold tones across all elements – stationary pieces, branding materials, etc. A fashion brand recently used gold effectively, keeping the number of touches low but creating maximum impact.

When choosing flooring, think of it like picking a partner! It needs to be durable, attractive and able to withstand daily use.


To make your Victorian style room with stunning aesthetics, upgrade your flooring with hardwood floors or Persian or Oriental rugs. In this section, we will focus on enhancing the visual appeal of your room by discussing the two sub-sections: hardwood floors and Persian or Oriental rugs.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is a type of flooring made from natural wood. It yields a luxurious, warm atmosphere unmatched by other flooring options.

Hardwood floors are available in various species, such as oak, maple, and cherry. Installation modes include glued-down, nailed-down, or floating techniques.

These floors are resilient and long-lasting with proper care and attention. They are also hypoallergenic, meaning they are ideal for those with allergies. Plus, they create better air quality compared to other flooring choices.

What’s more, hardwood floors possess unique patterns and colours, adding character to any space. Plus, they are eco-friendly, as they are sourced from sustainable sources.

The National Wood Flooring Association conducted a study which revealed that 99% of real estate agents agreed that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell than those without.

Nothing speaks of ‘exotic’ like a Persian rug, unless you consider shag carpeting from the 70s to be exotic.

Persian or Oriental rugs

Handmade rugs are timeless for collectors and interior decorators. Persian or Oriental rugs are the most popular. To show the difference between hand-made and machine-made rugs, look at the table below.

Criteria Machine-Made Rugs Hand-Made Rugs
Materials Synthetic Fibers Natural Fibers
Design Identical Unique
Quality Standard Superior

These rugs feature natural fibers like silk, cotton, or wool. The complexity and vibrant colors make each rug a masterpiece. Artisans have passed down traditional techniques to create these exceptional works of art. They grace homes all around the world. So, if you want to cover your windows or hide from your neighbors, window treatments are the way to go!

Window treatments

To create a Victorian-style room with stunning window treatments, you need to consider heavy drapes or curtains or lace and sheer panels. These sub-sections offer perfect solutions for curtain or drape styles that are ideal for Victorian interior design styling.

Heavy drapes or curtains

Margaret was on the hunt for window coverings that could offer both privacy and insulation. She knew that heavy drapes or curtains would be the perfect solution! They provide an extra layer of insulation, better coverage for privacy, and a classic aesthetic. Plus, the material can be chosen for practicality or luxury – like velvet or canvas. For even more energy savings, Margaret paired her heavy window coverings with other energy-efficient treatments, like cellular shades or blinds. Lace or sheer panels may look elegant, but heavy window coverings are the only way to go for true privacy!

Lace or sheer panels

For a light and airy atmosphere, try delicate sheer or lace curtains!

  • Sheer curtains let light in while keeping your privacy.
  • Lace curtains provide a romantic touch and texture.
  • Pick from various colors and patterns for endless design options.
  • These window treatments fit any decor, from modern to traditional.
  • Plus, they are easy to maintain and can be machine washed.

Sheer and lace curtains also help with airflow.

  • Layer them with heavy curtains or valances for extra insulation in cold months.
  • Use them alone during warmer months to circulate air and still keep private.

To jazz up the look, tieback or holdback the curtains. Hang them high to create the illusion of height and let more light in. Utilize these techniques to get a stunning and practical window treatment that matches your style.

Artwork and wall decor

To create a Victorian-style room with striking artwork and wall decor, you can use oil paintings, tapestry or embroidered wall hangings, and floral arrangements. These unique decor ideas will give your space a vintage vibe and add a touch of elegance to any room.

Oil paintings

Indulge in the art of nature! Marvel at visually stunning masterpieces created with oil paints. These exquisite pieces boast vibrant tones and striking textures that showcase the beauty of realism, surrealism, and impressionism. Each is unique and distinct, creating an ambiance that captivates and captures timeless elegance.

Oil paintings are renowned for their durability, longevity, and resilience. They retain their colors for centuries! Delve deep into each brushstroke to experience the intricate details.

Complement any interior décor style with these enchanting pieces. Add a touch of sophistication to your living space. Elevate your home’s aesthetics with a visual treat that engages your senses.

Don’t miss out! Capture the essence of art through dazzling works that invite wonder and imagination into your home. Who needs a therapist? When you have a tapestry to catch all your tears!

Tapestry or embroidered wall hangings

Embroidered wall hangings are exquisite pieces of artwork that can add a spark to any wall! These come in many colors, textures, materials, and styles, each with its own cultural significance. Threads are used to craft intricate designs. Tapestry hangings, which originated in medieval Europe, feature scenes from mythology, literature, or everyday life. They bring texture to plain walls, and can transform the look of a room in an instant. To keep them beautiful for years, they need proper care. For those who want something unconventional for their decor, these hangings are the perfect alternative to frames or paintings.

Pro Tip: Before installing, make sure the size is right – not too big and not too small! Who needs a companion when you have these wall hangings to make your heart bloom?

Floral arrangements

Flowers are a popular way of adding life and beauty to any space. This art has been around for centuries, dating back to ancient civilizations.

  • Different flowers, foliage and natural materials can be used to create arrangements.
  • These are often used for weddings, special occasions or decor.
  • Arrangements range from simple to elaborate, true works of art.
  • They can help bring feelings of peace, joy and contentment.
  • Floral arrangements also make great gifts.

Flower Arrangements have a long cultural history. In the Victorian era, they were used to express emotions that weren’t spoken. They are still used in many important events worldwide.

Flower Arrangements have deep cultural meaning. They represent the culture they come from. Who needs therapy when you can just buy some floral adornments for your walls?


To add authenticity to your Victorian style room, incorporate specific accessories like fireplace tools, antique clocks, and candelabras or candlesticks. These accessories can help you create an elegant atmosphere that reflects the Victorian era.

Fireplace tools

Fireplace accessories are very important for a safe and efficient fire. They provide both aesthetic and functional benefits, like helping to fuel the fire, clean, maintain the hearth, and handle hot logs and embers safely.

Here are four essential tools:

  • Fire Tongs – Moving logs without burning your hands.
  • Poker – Repositioning logs to maintain the flame.
  • Ash Shovel – Scooping ashes without touching them directly.
  • Brush or broom – Sweeping debris after usage.

It’s essential to use each tool correctly, even if they come in a set.

Benjamin Franklin is known for many inventions, including one of the most popular types of US heating-wood stoves. His invention of bifocal lenses, founding of America’s first public library, and contributions to early meteorology and demographics are also noteworthy.

Antique clocks are the ideal accessory for those who want to feel like time is both priceless and fleeting.

Antique clocks

Vintage Chronometers are antique timepieces with character and a story to tell. They can be pocket watches, tower clocks or anything in between. Their worth is determined by complexity, rarity and condition. Famous makers, or notable historical ownership can add immense value.

These historic pieces offer a glimpse into the past. There’s wonder in the intricate details and inner workings. However, their mechanical movements need specialized maintenance like cleaning and oiling to keep them ticking.

In 2016, an 18th-century George III bracket clock sold for £1.8 million at Sotheby’s auction. That’s the power of antique clocks! Who needs electricity when you can set a romantic ambiance with candelabras or candlesticks?

Candelabras or candlesticks

Candelabras or Candlesticks – Elegant Centerpieces for your Home Décor!

Candelabras and candlesticks are designed to support candles. They are timeless and elegant additions to any room. Here are 6 tips for using them to decorate your home:

  • Choose the right size.
  • Consider the style.
  • Pick the right color.
  • Display in pairs.
  • Mix and match styles.
  • Accessorize with flowers.

Fun Fact: Candelabras have been around since ancient times! They were used before electricity was invented. Some carry symbolic meanings in religious ceremonies. Choosing one with historical significance adds more depth to your décor.

A True Story: During a power outage, I lit my candles on an antique candelabra. The subtle flicker of the flame gave me a sense of calm amidst the chaos. This experience made me cherish my candelabra even more.