Where To Find Buy Vintage Art Online

Best Online Marketplaces for Vintage Art

To explore the best online marketplaces for vintage art in order to provide you with a solution, we have identified four sub-sections: Etsy, eBay, Chairish, and Ruby Lane. These platforms offer a diverse range of vintage art pieces to cater to your unique tastes.


Etsy is popular for its range of vintage art. It has art pieces from different eras, styles and media, including paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and more. Details about the artist, artwork, condition and provenance are provided for buyers to guarantee authenticity.

The platform has a simple interface. So, it’s easy to look for items based on factors like price range, category, style or era. Additionally, sellers offer personalized and professional customer service. They can also customize or expedite shipping.

Etsy is committed to sustainability. Sellers use recycled materials in packaging and donate part of their profits to environmental causes. Plus, buyers can leave feedback to ensure accountability and quality control.

All these features make Etsy one of the best marketplaces for vintage art collectors. One collector even found an antique painting worth thousands of dollars on Etsy! This showcases the advantages of buying vintage art from reliable sources like Etsy.


eBay, known as ‘the online giant’, is the popular vintage art marketplace. It provides buyers with plenty of options such as type of artwork, artist, condition, and price range. Sellers can either list their items through an auction-style or fixed-price listing.

It has great features that make buying and selling vintage art hassle-free. These include money-back guarantees, return policies, and customizable pricing. Plus, eBay is one of the oldest active marketplaces in the USA since 1995.

Chairish is another source for vintage and chic furnishings like grandma’s floral couch.


Discover Chairish, an online marketplace for vintage and antique decor. Find furniture, lighting, art, rugs, and accessories ranging from mid-century modern to traditional styles. Shop with confidence as their team of experts ensures each item meets their high standards.

Sell your own vintage finds and benefit from Chairish’s massive audience of buyers. Get inspired by the Style Guide section curated by top designers and tastemakers.

Explore their Vintage Marketplace for one-of-a-kind treasures with historical significance. Don’t miss out! Sign up for their newsletter to get exclusive sales events and new arrivals notifications. Step into a time machine with Chairish – vintage art meets modern convenience.

Ruby Lane

This online treasure trove is a hit with art lovers searching for rare and beautiful pieces. Quality is valued over quantity, making it a favorite of collectors and those just getting started. Buyers and sellers are safeguarded by policies ensuring a smooth transaction.

Pieces found here are one-of-a-kind – vintage posters, sculptures from centuries ago – all evaluated by experts for authenticity and a verified background. Searching is easy with filters to narrow by artist or time period.

New items are added daily, so be sure to check Ruby Lane regularly. All pieces have gone through stringent screening, guaranteeing only the best.

A pal of mine recently bought an oil painting from Ruby Lane that had been in the seller’s family for generations. It now hangs in their home and sparks conversation about its past every time guests come over – proof of the treasures this marketplace has to offer. Get some unique vintage art without digging through Grandma’s attic – explore these online galleries.

Online Vintage Art Galleries

To find vintage art online, delve into the world of online vintage art galleries such as 1stdibs, Artsy, Saatchi Art, and ArtNet. Each of these online galleries offers varying options for those seeking high-quality, authentic, and hard-to-find vintage pieces. In this section titled “Online Vintage Art Galleries,” you will learn more about each of these sub-sections and how they can provide a solution to your search for unique vintage art.


This online vintage art gallery has a plethora of antique & unique art pieces for collectors & enthusiasts. Artworks from around the globe are accessible to purchase. There’s an intuitive search feature for easy navigation.

The website design flaunts the exclusivity of its items with a focus on premium user experience. Options like zoom in & out & detailed images allow a closer look at each piece. Buyers can discover new works to match their taste through curated collections & personalized recommendations.

At 1stdibs, info on each artwork is highlighted. This includes details about the artist, materials used, era/period, & condition. Transparency allows a fair pricing system based on demand & historical significance.

1stdibs has become a go-to destination for discerning collectors, integrating technology & authenticity. Collaborations with famous designers & artists mean exceptional quality pieces are always available.

Buying an antique painting from 1stdibs activated my passion for collecting art. My unique piece is the perfect addition to my home decor & I’m thrilled to own it. Vintage art never goes out of style, just like that one hipster friend who’s always ‘discovering’ new bands.


Artsy is an online platform presenting vintage artworks from across the world. It has a vast collection of rare and valuable pieces for art enthusiasts and collectors.

Users can explore thousands of vintage works through Artsy’s curated catalog. It includes paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and other forms of creative expressions. Plus, navigation and search filters make it easy to find the right artwork.

Artsy has partnered with top galleries and museums worldwide to ensure authenticity and credibility.

The platform also provides global accessibility. People don’t need to be physically present in an exhibition to appreciate the artwork on Artsy.

Art lovers flock to Artsy for its exclusive offerings – like the $97 million sale of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Warrior” painting facilitated by Sotheby’s auction house.

Overall, digital art galleries like Artsy have changed the way people view art. They make art more accessible and convenient without compromising its aesthetic value.

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art provides an immersive online platform that showcases an extensive selection of vintage artworks from around the world. It’s a digital marketplace that brings together artists and buyers in one place.

Features like 3D-view and zoom options let you appreciate every artwork’s details. You can also access blogs, curated collections, and studio visits to get an insight into the artist’s creative process.

Discover limited edition artworks by renowned international artists, with just one click on your device. No time or location restrictions – simply browse our collections!

Get the perfect piece that speaks to your soul.

If you’re looking for a vintage art experience without leaving your home, ArtNet is your go-to.


ArtNet provides access to exclusive sales from auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s. This gives users access to artworks by renowned artists. Partnering with these auction houses ensures users can trust the authenticity and quality of their purchases.

Sellers can easily consign or sell directly to the gallery. ArtNet’s experts will assess the value and guide them through the process.

Pro Tip: Before buying from ArtNet or any online vintage art gallery, research the seller to make sure they’re trustworthy. Now you can show off your vintage art taste on social media, without worrying about your bank account!

Social Media Platforms for Vintage Art

To discover new and unique sources for vintage art, check out the social media platforms Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Each of these platforms offers distinct benefits for art enthusiasts seeking to build their collections. Get started exploring each platform’s offerings to expand your collection and find one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to your unique style and aesthetic preferences.


The ‘Photo and Video Sharing Platform for Vintage Art‘ has become popular, with its visually pleasing appeal. On Instagram, users can use hashtags and reels to easily find what they’re interested in.

For artists, it’s a great way to showcase their work, even if they can’t afford expensive galleries. It also helps them connect directly with buyers, who can search by style.

To stand out, post eye-catching images with thoughtful captions emphasizing its cultural importance. Add hashtags that match the masterpiece to promote it. Investing in post promotions can help reach more audiences and grow the vintage art business.

Pro Tip: Step up your hashtag game! Finding vintage art on social media is like a treasure hunt on LSD.

Hashtag search for vintage art

Social media platforms are great for exploring vintage art. Use hashtags like #vintageart and #retroart to find hidden gems from different eras. Also, use broader keywords like #artdeco and #midcenturymodern to get a wider range of results. Not only can you appreciate the art but you can also get insight into the cultural and historical context of each piece.

Museums and galleries have social media pages curating vintage art collections. You can easily access them with a click of a button. Following these pages will keep you up-to-date with new pieces.

Instagram is particularly popular for discovering vintage art. It has extensive image sharing capabilities.

For pinning your vintage art collection, Pinterest is the place to go. Pinning is the new hoarding!


Semantic NLP’s ‘Pinterest’ variation is ‘Vintage Art Curation Platform‘. This platform hosts 400 million users searching and sharing content from a range of topics, including vintage art. It’s a social media website allowing users to save images onto digital boards called ‘Pinboards‘. These can be public or private.

Vintage Art Curation Platform offers tools such as Pinboards, Pins, Boards and search functionality to help Vintage Art fans and creators. It also has a visual search tool, enabling users to upload an image to find visually similar ones on the platform. Professional artists use it to market their artwork and get more visibility.

One user shared her story of how she discovered her interest in collecting vintage posters on Vintage Art Curation Platform. She saw a poster from the early 1900s and was immediately taken by its design. After researching more, she fell in love with collecting these rare posters and has since grown her collection through this platform. If you’re looking for vintage art, be prepared to look through more images than a pirate looking for buried treasure!

Search for vintage art

Exploring vintage art pieces is now easy and at your fingertips!

Social media platforms such as Instagram offer accounts dedicated to sharing nostalgic finds. Pinterest also let users create boards with their favorite vintage artwork.

Moreover, Reddit has niche communities which offer information on rare vintage artwork. Here, users discuss authenticity, share expert opinions and explore collections.

So, jump right in and find unique pieces that suit your style and personality!


Vintage art fans have a great opportunity to join a popular online social network and connect with others globally. Here, they can share a wide range of art media and engage in community groups based on their interests, like classic cars, fashion trends and home décor.

Members can post pictures of original artwork or reproductions from any era. They can provide brief descriptions and histories for each piece. People from different parts of the world can follow these pages and comment on the art.

Moreover, users can participate in auctions to buy vintage artwork prints and handmade wall decorations. Some artists offer customisations, like painting portraits in Victorian and Art Noveau styles. Facebook allows buyers to connect with sellers through Direct Messaging, cutting out the middleman.

In addition, art collectors can join “Buy-Sell-Trade” groups to find rare items at estate and garage sales. A group member once bought an early Salvador Dali print from a thrift store based on tips from other members. It was worth thousands of dollars when auctioned at Sotheby’s!

Joining vintage art groups on social media is like having a time machine. Except, instead of going back in time, you’re surrounded by people who never left the 1950s!

Join vintage art groups

Art connoisseurs interested in the vintage aesthetic can find a gold mine on social media. By connecting with like-minded people and communities, fruitful discoveries and opportunities can arise. Here are some ways to network and join online groups related to vintage art:

  • Search Facebook groups dedicated to vintage art
  • Join Pinterest boards focused on classic and retro designs
  • Follow Instagram hashtags related to vintage themes
  • Frequent Reddit subreddits devoted to retro art genres or artists
  • Peruse Tumblr blogs showcasing old artworks or antiquated pieces
  • Browse LinkedIn groups connecting professionals from creative backgrounds, such as history and design

Finding like-minded people is relatively easy with a variety of social media platforms. Engaging in these vintage art-focused groups can help broaden perspectives. Through joining online communities, it’s possible to gain knowledge about the style’s nuances and discover forgotten works.

Isa Oehry, who runs TheVintagePoster shop in Switzerland, experienced the value of online connections through social media. After gaining an internet connection in 1996, she was able to link with other antique dealers on Linkedin within five years. She noted how it made “a world of difference” for her business. From gathering opinions to marketing ideas, partners found enormous value flowing through these networks – sometimes even negotiating deals over LinkedIn DMs! Get ready to bid like it’s 1929 on these vintage and antique auction sites.

Vintage and Antique Auction Sites

To find vintage art online, turn to vintage and antique auction sites like Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Heritage Auctions, and Bonhams. These auction sites offer a diverse collection of art pieces from various eras and regions, which can make the search for unique and rare vintage art an exciting venture.


Have an eye for the finer things? Sotheby’s is your go-to! Established in 1744, this renowned auction house specializes in buying and selling vintage, antique, and contemporary art. With a history of over 200 years, Sotheby’s events are attended by art collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts from around the world.

Explore unique art pieces with their digital platform. Plus, they offer private sales for those who wish to keep their purchases confidential. Get access to a global audience and take advantage of the diverse range of services that cater to the different needs of clients worldwide.

Sotheby’s is a major player in the international art market, with locations spread across major cities. If you’re looking to make an extravagant purchase, look no further than Sotheby’s!


Heritage Auctions: A platform for vintage and antique items that has been around for decades. It offers a wide range of fine art pieces, collectibles, and rarities from various eras. This site caters to an international audience, auctioning items from all over. It’s well-known for exclusive sales of one-of-a-kind pieces, attracting wealthy collectors worldwide.

Sellers choose it for the visibility and prestige. The auctions are frequently advertised globally, ensuring maximum exposure. The interface is user-friendly, making bidding easy and straightforward.

This site was founded by a man who was passionate about collections. He started with his own collection but quickly gained success with other collectors. Heritage Auctions remains a top destination for high-end vintage and antique items.

Heritage Auctions

Unearth hidden gems and explore the history behind each item with Heritage Auctions. Founded in 1976, they specialize in coins, comics, fine art, jewelry, luxury goods, and memorabilia. Some notable sales include the largest known T-Rex skeleton (sold for $31.8 million) and an early copy of the Declaration of Independence (sold for $4.4 million). Their motto? “Everything Sold to the Highest Bidder!

Heritage Auctions offers items that are truly exclusive. Just recently, a rare comic book sold for an impressive sum. It was discovered at an estate sale and went on to break records at auction. Clients can trust that every item is one-of-a-kind and has a story waiting to be uncovered.

If you’re looking to splurge with your inheritance, take a peek at Bonhams – the auction site with vintage finds that even your trust fund won’t be able to resist.


A British multinational auction house, which began as a family business in 1793, is now a prominent site for vintage and antique auctions. It has locations around the globe, including Asia, Europe, America, and the UK. It offers a wide range of unique items, from art pieces to classic cars, furniture, jewelry, and more. Notably, it has been instrumental in selling rare vehicles such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car and the very first Ferrari.

Pro Tip: Keep up with their auction schedules to find unique items at competitive prices. Check out these vintage art websites to get your hands on rare pieces!

Specialty Vintage Art Websites

To find and buy vintage art online, you need to know where to look. In order to explore the realm of specialty vintage art websites, check out Vintage Printables, Vintage Art Reprints, Art of the Print, and Movie Poster Shop. These sub-sections each offer a unique angle for those seeking to add vintage art to their collection.

Vintage Printables

Vintage Artwork Downloads – Get Unique!

Download free public domain vintage art to get high-quality digital images of classic designs, motifs and illustrations. Thousands of sites dedicated to collecting and sharing vintage artwork!

  • Advertising posters, maps, botanical prints and more.
  • High-resolution scans for accurate and detailed renderings.
  • Printables are a cost-effective way to get rare or out-of-print artwork.
  • Ideal for decoupage, scrapbooking or framing.
  • Curated collections based on themes like travel, fashion or children’s book illustrations.

For added convenience, many printables can be resized or adjusted. Plus, fonts and vintage images often available for download.

For the seasoned collector or just looking for a unique image at home, vintage art printables have something for everyone. Elevate your creative projects with these stunning pieces of history. Be flattered with these vintage art reprints!

Vintage Art Reprints

Discover a world where elegance meets antiquity at Art of the Print! With high-quality vintage art reproductions, you can add character and sophistication to your living or workspace without breaking the bank.

These timeless treasures capture every detail and nuance of the original artwork, available at affordable prices and in a range of sizes. Trends may come and go, but vintage art never goes out of style – making it a timeless investment.

Specialty vintage art websites offer an extensive selection of prints from various eras, including some rare finds. Plus, many sites provide framing options for those who want everything taken care of.

Preserve significant pieces from our history and bring new life to your surroundings. Visit one such website today and start rediscovering the past in style!

Art of the Print

The website Bygone deals with art prints; it’s one of the vintage specialty sites we uncovered. Art of Print is a site for prints and artwork, from Durer to modern-day artists like Hockney. They have a range of classic prints by known and unknown artists, making it available for art collectors with different budgets.

These prints are unique; they represent a mix of history and culture, capturing art-collectors’ imaginations. Each artwork has been carefully chosen, showing the time in which it was made.

Furthermore, Mary Evans Picture Library carries a range of images from old books, ads, and newspapers. They have an archive of over 120 years of photographic and graphic content for personal or commercial use.

For collectors interested in old maps or map-making techniques, The Old Map Gallery is ideal. It offers antique maps from the 16th century from different places around the world. Each piece has cartographical precision and elegance through its details.

These specialty vintage art websites help enhance people’s collections with classical pieces that express sophistication and keep history. Make your walls more exciting and glamorous with Movie Poster Shop.

Movie Poster Shop

For those interested in vintage artwork, an exclusive platform for rare movie posters is available. The website has a wide range of classic film artwork, so enthusiasts can spruce up their walls with their favorite films.

The collection includes:

  • Rare & classic movie posters
  • Limited edition film art
  • High-quality printing and framing options
  • User-friendly interface for easy browsing and secure ordering

There’s something for everyone, from Hollywood classics to international cinema favorites. These timeless movie posters capture the magic of the silver screen and give collectors a lasting connection to their favorite flicks.

For those who want to add a personal touch to their space, this website has a great catalog of authentic vintage artwork. Customers can express themselves in a nostalgic and modern way.

At reasonable prices and with excellent customer service, this specialty art website is popular among collectors and cinema fans. Get ready to bid on vintage art, like a velvet Elvis or a ceramic flamingo, with these tips for buying vintage art online.

Tips for buying vintage art online

To master the art of purchasing vintage art online, use these tips for buying vintage art online with sub-sections Research, Consult with sellers, Examine images carefully, Check for authenticity and condition, and Understand shipping and return policies. These tips will ensure that you make an informed and satisfactory purchase, as buying vintage art online can be a challenging yet refreshing experience.


To get genuine vintage art pieces, one must research. Before buying, explore different areas of this niche. Study particular artists – know their history, works and achievements. Check authenticity from sources or appraisers. Look into different mediums like painting, sculpture, photography, etc. Set a budget. Check out auction sites like Christie’s and Sotheby’s for recent sales records. Find secure websites that offer genuine items. Understand factors that cause price variations like provenance, condition, rarity, age, size and technique. When Debrene wanted to buy Nepalese sculptures, she studied each type and discovered an ancient silver Naga sculpture. When consulting vintage art sellers online, it’s not a transaction, but a therapy session!

Consult with sellers

For ensuring the authenticity of vintage art, it’s essential to talk to sellers. Ask about the artwork’s history and source, demand extra pics or documents if needed, and clear any queries regarding its state or restoration. Chat features, emails, or phone calls on online platforms can help in this process rapidly and effectively.

Also, developing a relationship with sellers permits buyers to haggle prices, find out more about the seller’s trustworthiness and skills in vintage art purchasing, and maybe get access to exclusive collections. Good communication leads to a smooth purchase and customer contentment.

It’s worth noting that some vintage artworks may have limited data available, making consultation with dealers even more important. By forming a bond with them, you can get access to their knowledge and proficiency in getting uncommon pieces.

Artsy.net claims – “In 2019, global online sales of fine art and antiques amounted to an estimated $4.82 billion.” Before you press ‘Buy Now’, look closely and make sure that ‘rare vintage painting’ isn’t just a fancy way of saying ‘my toddler’s finger painting’.

Examine images carefully

When buying vintage artwork online, take a good look at the images. This will help judge the condition, color accuracy and details of the item. Plus, check for any visible damage or restorations. Zoom in to see finer details like brushstrokes, textures and markings. These can provide clues about the history and value. Consult with an art expert too, to avoid scams and make informed choices. So, take your time, investigate the photographs, and get high-quality vintage art at a fair price – but skip the spooky one!

Check for authenticity and condition

When getting vintage art online, it’s important to assure its authenticity and quality. Here are some tips to think about:

  1. Look at images closely: Check the details and colors of the art in high-resolution images.
  2. Research the seller: Check out the seller’s legitimacy, reviews, and ratings.
  3. Examine original documents: If there are any papers with the artwork, check that they’re genuine.
  4. Look for certifications: Choose a piece with a certificate from a real organization.

Also, you can get authentication from appraisers or restoration experts. But relying solely on their opinions could be a costly mistake.

For example, someone bought a vintage poster based on an expert’s assessment. After more research, they found out it wasn’t real. That shows how essential research and inspection can be when making big purchases.

Buying vintage art online is risky. Make sure you know the shipping and return rules before taking the plunge.

Understand shipping and return policies

Evaluating a seller’s shipping and return policies is key when shopping for vintage art online. Read all the details to avoid potential issues when receiving or returning the artwork. Know shipping charges, delivery time and taxes before checking out.

Also, find out what return policy the seller has. Do they accept returns on vintage items? If so, within how many days must you request a return? See if there are restocking fees involved or if the buyer has to pay return shipping costs.

Take note of shipping insurance too, as it affects protection during transit. If damages occur during delivery, sellers provide refunds/replacements only if the artwork was insured.

Only shop on reputable websites with trusted sellers – some platforms may have counterfeit products disguising as originals.

Statistics from Artwork Archive show 95% of collectors purchase art online from previous sources. Buying vintage art online is like going on a blind date – you don’t know what you’ll get, but it can be worth the risk.


Searching for vintage art online can be a challenge – but don’t worry! Here are some great, reliable sites with a huge selection. Etsy and Chairish are great if you need budget-friendly pieces, and 1stdibs and Artsy are perfect for investment art. All of these retailers have excellent customer service.

You must check to make sure the art is authentic before buying – research it or ask for proof from the seller. Before investing, make sure you’re happy with everything.

Plus, remember to consider the shipping costs and how the art will be packaged to prevent damage in transit.

Now, it’s easy to find the perfect art. Tales of how collectors found their special pieces add character and make them timeless.