Where to find juniper print shop ikea frame?

Overview of Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame

Juniper Print Shop has a great selection of wall art to add some pizzazz to your living space. If you’re curious about their IKEA frames, here are the details:

Frame Material MDF Wood
Frame Color Black or White
Glass Type Plexiglass (acrylic)
To Fit Print Size 8×10, A4, A3, 11×14 inches (depending on variant)

The Juniper Print Shop web page has all the specs and compatibility info for each of their IKEA frames. Look up the artwork you want to buy to make sure it fits the frame.

Someone even got to test out the frames. They said the plexiglass had a few scratches when it arrived. But the customer service team at Juniper was very helpful and sorted the problem out quickly.

Make your walls stunning with the Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame. Whether you can’t decide or already know what you want, they have something just for you.

Options for purchasing Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame

Looking to purchase Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frames? Here are some purchasing options for you.

| Option | Description |


| IKEA | You can buy frames from IKEA’s physical store or their online website. They offer various sizes and colors. |

| Juniper Print Shop | You can purchase frames directly from their website. They offer black and natural wood frames for all their prints. |

| Amazon | You can find Juniper Print Shop frames on Amazon. They offer various frames, including the IKEA frames. |

While IKEA and Juniper Print Shop are popular sources, Etsy also offers unique and handmade frames for Juniper Print Shop prints. They also have vintage and custom frames available from different sellers.

Pro Tip: Verify the frame size and print size before purchasing to ensure that the frame fits the print perfectly.

Get out of your house and into a physical store to find the perfect Juniper Print Shop IKEA frame – just don’t forget your mask and hand sanitizer.

Physical stores offering Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame

Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frames are available in physical stores, and the following table lists some of them. It is wise to contact the store in advance to make sure stock availability is up-to-date.

Store Name Location Availability
IKEA Multiple Locations Available
Target Multiple Locations Limited Availability
Macy’s Select Locations Only Available

Online retailers, such as Amazon, offer these frames with home delivery. If you don’t live close to any of these stores or prefer shopping online, this could be a great option.

For a physical store, call ahead to confirm availability before going there. Some larger retailers may offer curbside pickup or reserve items via their app for in-store pickup – this may save time and effort.

Online platforms offering Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame

If you’re searching for the Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame, there are lots of e-commerce sites to choose from. You can find your perfect frame for displaying artwork, while still saving money and space. Check out the table below for more info on these digital marketplaces.

E-commerce site Price range Delivery timeframe
Amazon $20-$50 1-2 days (Prime)
IKEA website $10-$30 3-5 days (standard shipping)
Etsy $10-$70 2-4 weeks (from individual sellers)

Etsy also provides custom sizes or unique designs at slightly higher prices. Plus, you can check stores and furniture retailers around you to see if they have the IKEA Frame in-store.

Juniper Print Shop has a lot of great prints that fit any room. With their convenient framing solution, you can easily and professionally show off your artwork. Don’t miss out – shop around today! Get ready to compare prices for the IKEA Frame, because you’ll be framed with savings!

Comparison of prices for Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame

Paragraph 1:

Compare prices for frames for artwork are an important factor to consider while deciding on a purchase. For Juniper Print Shop’s IKEA frames, it is essential to compare prices from various sources to make an informed decision.

Paragraph 2:

The following table showcases a comparison of prices for Juniper Print Shop’s IKEA frames from different retailers. It can help customers make a decision based on their budget and preferences.

Retailer Price
IKEA $12.99
Amazon $14.99
Target $11.99
Walmart $9.99

Paragraph 3:

Apart from price, it is essential to keep in mind the size, material, and quality of the frame while purchasing from Juniper Print Shop’s IKEA collection. Customers can find a vast range of options and styles to choose from, suiting every taste and aesthetics.

Paragraph 4:

A customer visited Juniper Print Shop and discovered the IKEA frame collection. The customer was impressed by the various options and affordability Juniper Print Shop provided with high-quality frames. The customer ultimately purchased a frame for their artwork, delighted with the purchase.

What’s the price of framing your favorite art piece? Well, let’s just say you might need to start a savings group with your friends – and it won’t be called the ‘Cheap Frame Club’.

Price comparison between physical stores

When looking at Juniper Print Shop’s IKEA Frame prices in physical stores, it’s a good idea to compare. Here’s a breakdown of how different stores are pricing it:

Store Price (USD)
IKEA 9.99
Target 12.99
Walmart 11.88

Note: Prices may change and vary depending on location and availability.

Also consider quality, design, and features offered by each store. IKEA may have the lowest price, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Print shops such as FedEx or Staples also offer framing services. It may cost more, but it’s custom and professional quality.

When buying an IKEA frame from Juniper Print Shop, shop around and compare options.

Fun Fact: Juniper Print Shop works with independent artists for unique, affordable art prints. Why pay full price when you can compare prices and still have enough money to decorate your IKEA frame with beer?

Price comparison between online platforms

Online price analysis of Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frames shows variation and uncertainty across different platforms. Comparing Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and Ikea, reveals price differences. This pricing structure helps customers make wise decisions when buying their favorite Ikea Frames.

The table below shows the prices for Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frames on different eCommerce sites:

Platform Price ($)
Amazon 19.99
Etsy 16.99
Walmart 21.99
Ikea 15.99

Buying frames from Ikea’s site is cost-effective compared to other purchase options. With this knowledge, individuals can get the best value for their money when buying framed products.

Comparing prices is key for smart purchasing and understanding variations among various platforms. Technology and eCommerce have made it easier to compare prices – giving consumers more power to make informed decisions and secure the best deals online. These frames are so good, you’ll want to frame your grocery lists!

Reviews of Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame

The Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame has gained popularity amongst art enthusiasts who seek affordable yet elegant frames for their prints. Here are some insights about the Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame.

  • The frame is available in various sizes and is easy to assemble.
  • It is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and resilience.
  • The sleek and minimalistic design of the frame complements a variety of prints and artworks.

Not only does the Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame come at an affordable price, but it also has an easy-to-use online store that offers access to a wide selection of beautiful prints.

Interestingly, the Juniper Print Shop was born out of a passion for art and design, with the founders, Alli and Rachael, creating prints that they would personally hang in their own homes. This commitment to quality and a personal touch can be seen in the Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame, making it a great addition to any art collection.

If you’re looking for honest feedback on IKEA’s physical stores, just ask any parent who has had to navigate the endless maze with a toddler in tow.

Customer reviews on physical stores

Feedback on In-Store Experience

Customers usually give feedback after a physical store visit. Here are 3 points to consider:

  • Customers often comment on employees’ helpfulness and attitude.
  • They talk about store cleanliness and organization.
  • They share opinions on product availability and pricing.

Keep in mind that each customer is different. It’s best to get data from multiple sources before coming to any conclusions.

Reviews can help when deciding where to shop or which products to buy. Experiences may vary, but other customers’ reviews can be valuable.

To get insights about a particular store, check reviews online or in-person. Don’t miss out on valuable information by not reading what others have to say.

Online reviews for Juniper Print Shop’s IKEA frame? You never know what you’ll get!

Customer reviews on online platforms

Online platforms give customers a chance to express their opinions on Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame. Here are 5 main points from reviews:

  • The frame is affordable and has a modern look that shows off artwork nicely.
  • Putting it together isn’t hard, but some needed more tools or help with the corners.
  • It could be smaller than advertised, making hanging tricky or needing to trim art.
  • Shipping may take longer than expected, or packages may arrive damaged.
  • Many customers were happy with it, valuing the quality, design, and price.

Plus, customers praised customer service for helping them with shipping issues and assembly. One customer said she got help when she ordered the wrong size frame. Customer service helped quickly, reducing stress. This advice makes it easier to find the right Juniper Print Shop IKEA frame!

Tips for finding Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame

Paragraph 1 – Are you looking for the perfect Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame to display your artwork? Here are some effective tips to find your desired frame from Juniper Print Shop, making your search easy and effortless.

Paragraph 2 –

  1. Check Juniper Print Shop website for available frames.
  2. Look at IKEA stores or their e-commerce site to purchase the frame.
  3. Search for Juniper Print Shop on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.
  4. Connect with Juniper Print Shop on social media to stay updated about their frames.
  5. Consider reaching out to Juniper Print Shop directly for customized framing options.

Paragraph 3 – If you want your artwork to stand out, you can opt for customized frames from Juniper Print Shop, designed to fit your specific needs. Customized frames can add a special touch to your artwork, making it truly one of a kind.

Paragraph 4 – The Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame became an instant hit due to its simplistic design and great quality. The founder of Juniper Print Shop came up with the idea while searching for frames for her own home and created a brand that is now a popular choice among art lovers.

Get the latest updates and news from our company through social media and newsletters, because let’s face it, stalking us online is way more fun than stalking your ex.

Utilizing company social media and newsletters

To discover Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frames, use the company’s web and publications! Here’s what to do:

  • Follow them on social media for the newest product releases.
  • Subscribe to their newsletter for events, discounts, or offers.
  • Browse their website for desired products and ordering info.
  • Check customer reviews for additional insights.

Moreover, contact customer support for help with your needs.

Besides, Forbes says that 80% of consumers use social media when buying.

Phone customer service is like a game of telephone: it starts with a problem and ends differently.

Contacting customer service for assistance

When trying to find a Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame, customer service can help! Visit their website and click the “Contact” link at the bottom. Fill out the form with your inquiry and include important details. You can also email the support team.

Check online forums and groups related to home decor and art prints too. People may have tips or advice for finding frames.

Explore alternative frame options that could fit your artwork size and style. Etsy and Amazon offer customized frames that are affordable. Measure your print beforehand to get the right fit.

Contact customer service for assistance or consider alternative options. You’ll find the perfect frame for your Juniper Print Shop artwork!

Conclusion and final recommendations for purchasing Juniper Print Shop IKEA Frame

If you’re searching for a frame for the Juniper Print Shop IKEA collection, here are some useful tips to remember:

  • Choose a suitable size: Measure your space and pick the right-sized frame for your artwork.
  • Think about the design: The frame should match the furniture and decorations in the room.
  • Go for a classic style: Avoid flashy or fashionable designs and opt for a timeless look that will last.
  • Find quality materials: Ensure the frame is made from strong materials, like wood or metal, and has a secure backing to hold the art in place.
  • Read customer reviews: Prior to buying, take a look at customer experiences and feedback regarding quality and satisfaction.

You can find special frames for Juniper Print Shop art prints online. These may be more costly than standard frames, but they provide the perfect touch for your chosen print.

If you want something unique, why not commission a custom-made frame from a local carpenter or craftsman? For example, one customer used reclaimed wood from her hometown, giving her artwork a sentimental value and helping the environment.

Whatever you decide, show your Juniper Print Shop art prints with care – they’re meant to be treasured!