Where To Find Vintage Menu Art

Online Marketplaces for Vintage Menu Art

To find vintage menu art online, explore the top marketplaces for authentic and original pieces. Etsy, eBay, Chairish, and Ruby Lane are the online platforms that offer unique vintage menu art that can fit the aesthetic of any space.


Etsy is a prominent platform for online vintage menu art. It’s a peer-to-peer e-commerce website with a vast array of handcrafted and vintage items. These are unique pieces from all around the world.

The platform allows sellers to customize their store and filter products by price or popularity. It takes a commission of 5% plus transaction fees from each sale. Buyers can read reviews before purchasing to check quality and seller credibility.

Etsy hosts a range of distinct vintage menu arts, each telling its own story. Its advanced search filters let users find what they’re looking for in seconds. If you’re looking for classic restaurant memorabilia, it has an extensive selection. You can sort by most popular to see what other vintage lovers like and filter by country to discover rare finds. Try eBay too, where you may find vintage menu art or accidentally bid on a haunted doll.


eBay is the spot for collectors and enthusiasts of unique menu art. You can find restaurant menus, drink coasters, and advertising materials. Buyers can search by country origin or date range to tailor their collection. Sellers can reach a global audience and set their own prices. Plus, there’s an auction feature for rare pieces. For more affordable options, eBay offers vintage items in great condition at lower prices.

Meanwhile, Chairish provides vintage menu art at cheaper prices than Ikea furniture.


Shop Vintage Menu Art on Online Marketplaces!

Vintage menu art is a great collector’s item. It’s the perfect mix of nostalgia, history and art. Add classic flair to any space with vintage menu art – it’ll tell a story of restaurants from days gone by.

One great online marketplace for vintage decor items, including menu art, is Chairish. They have an extensive selection, expertly curated by their team of designers and stylists. Find one-of-a-kind pieces from different eras and all around the world.

Chairish’s user-friendly interface makes browsing and buying easy. Plus, they have a ‘preview’ feature so you can see what the item looks like in your space before buying.

What’s more, Fast Company says that every piece on Chairish goes through a rigorous vetting process – only 20% of merchandise submissions get approved. That means each item is unique, authentic and high-quality.

If you’re after an even more antiquated vintage menu art, head to Ruby Lane!

Ruby Lane

Vintage Menu Art is available on a multi-vendor online marketplace that specializes in antiques! It’s easy to find what you’re looking for with the various categories to choose from. This platform offers exclusive, high-quality goods from expert sellers, guaranteeing the rarity of their collections.

This marketplace is unique, as it offers rare, one-of-a-kind items not found anywhere else. Each item comes with a story! Descriptive details about its history, condition, provenance, or significance can be found.

Ruby Lane provides buyers with many features to make their shopping experience secure and reliable. Payment methods are secured, shipping services are tracked by advanced technology systems and buyers can interact with vendors directly.

Pro Tip: Before buying vintage menu art, read all descriptions provided by the vendor. Auction houses and estate sales are great places to get vintage menu art without spending too much.

Auction Houses and Estate Sales

To find vintage menu art at auction houses and estate sales with Heritage Auctions, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and local estate sales and auctions.

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions, a prestigious auction house known for its international acclaim, offers collectors and art-lovers a chance to purchase rare, historically significant items. Their 2020 stats include:

  • Total sales of over $876 million
  • 67 auctions
  • 97.6% sold

They have sports memorabilia, coins & currency, jewelry, handbags & accessories, entertainment & music collectibles, and more!

Sometimes, you can even find a Rembrandt once owned by Clark Gable! In 2012, a Heritage Auction sold Gable’s art collection, including a Rembrandt, for $3 mil.

Sotheby’s allows you to win big – like a Picasso instead of Park Place in Monopoly!


Sotheby’s, a reputable auction house well-known for dealing with art objects of great historical value, is an influential player in the international art market. Its professionals are experts in valuing, researching, and marketing rare pieces of artwork that captivate people worldwide.

This renowned institution has been working with distinguished collectors throughout its history, offering them unforgettable experiences at its auctions. It also uses innovative digital technologies to further enhance the shopping experience.

Sotheby’s offers a premium quality service to its clients on every purchase and sale made through it. This level of service includes tailor-made consignment advisory services, luxury real estate brokerage experience, and unique business intelligence.

Recently, Sotheby’s held an auction that witnessed an extraordinary bidding war between two prominent museums over a Chinese vase. The vase ended up being sold for double its estimated price, making history in the art world yet again. At Christie’s, even the auctioneer’s gavel looks like it was bought for a small fortune!


Christie’s – one of the world’s premier auction houses. A long history and global reputation for their exceptional sales. Records are set and collectors, museums, and investors are all paying attention. They offer a range of items – art, furniture, jewelry, and collectibles from private collections. Their appraisals ensure accuracy in value, adding to the auction excitement.

Christie’s is one of the oldest auction houses. They specialize in estate goods, too. Viewing property from luxury estates across North America. Fine art, jewelry, porcelain, and furniture from various periods. Need to sell your own collection? Consult their knowledgeable specialists who can guide you on fair market prices.

Online bidding makes it easy to create desirable collections with unique pieces. Partnering with Christie’s offers unparalleled value. Buyers have access to specialists in their regional offices worldwide. Even safer to make purchases during these times, still enjoying the treasures found at virtual auctions.

Discover the diamond in the rough at local estate sales and auctions. Or fill your storage unit with loads of junk.

Local estate sales and auctions

Local estate sales and auctions are the go-to places for buying and selling collectables, jewelry, and antiques. You can find pricey artwork, classic cars, antique furniture, and more!

Estate sales offer goods from a deceased person’s estate at a cheaper price. Auctions let you bid on items and get a great deal if you win. But don’t forget to know the value of the item before you bid! Estate sales are great for cheaper items, while auctions are better for competitive bidding.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the exciting world of art and collectibles with local sales and auctions! I love to hunt for antiques at flea markets – they’re cheap and full of unique character!

Antique Stores and Flea Markets

To find vintage menu art from antique stores and flea markets, you can visit places such as the Brimfield Antique Show, the Rose Bowl Flea Market, or local antique stores and markets. These places offer a variety of vintage menu art pieces that can add a unique touch to your home or business.

Brimfield Antique Show

Don’t miss out on the Brimfield Antique Fair if you’re an antique enthusiast! This renowned event held annually in Massachusetts displays over 21 fields of rare treasures. Professional antique dealers, interior designers and collectors flock to this popular flea market for its diverse selection.

From pottery and paintings to furniture, toys, and vintage fabrics, visitors will discover unique finds and captivating folk art pieces. To ensure a stress-free experience, come prepared with comfortable shoes, a backpack or wagon, and enough cash for all your desired purchases. Bargaining is encouraged!

The Brimfield Antique Fair is an opportunity not to be missed for those who appreciate timeless gems and antique treasures. For the perfect eclectic living room piece, visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market – you won’t need a map to navigate the maze-like stalls.

Rose Bowl Flea Market

This world-famous Pasadena market is filled with activity for antique aficionados. Come unearth rare jewels and one-of-a-kind artifacts at the Semantic NLP Edition of the Rose Bowl Flea Market!

  • Vendors galore offering antiques, collectibles, and vintage items.
  • The market takes place on the second Sunday each month.
  • Haggling and negotiating prices are expected.
  • Food trucks onsite to fuel shoppers throughout the day.

Plus, don’t miss the thrilling music that adds a vibrant energy to the encounter! Tip: arrive early to grab coveted parking spots and first dibs on must-have items.

Ready for a time-traveling journey without a DeLorean? Then let’s go exploring the hidden gems of nearby antique stores and flea markets!

Local antique stores and markets

Visit antique shops and flea markets for a unique shopping experience. Find rare and precious items like books, paintings and knickknacks. Bargain prices and learn about different cultures and art styles. Support small businesses in your community by buying from local vendors. Research the vendors you want to visit before you go to save time. Get the most out of your shopping experience with antique stores.

Specialized Menu Art Websites

To find specialized vintage menu art, turn to Menustore, Rare Menu, and Vintage Menu Art. These websites offer a range of unique and classic designs, from old-fashioned advertisements to antique illustrations. Each platform boasts its own collection of vintage menu art that spans across different eras, themes, and styles. With these resources at your disposal, you can elevate your dining experience by incorporating a touch of vintage aesthetic to your menu design.


MenusStore is a specialized website that offers an array of menu templates for restaurants, bars, and cafes. It’s easy to create visually appealing and functional menus tailored to specific preferences.

This site is helpful for restaurant branding and customers navigating menus. Features include columns for dish name, description, price point, ingredients list, and dietary restrictions. The layout is accessible for both customers and business owners.

MenusStore offers customizable add-ons, too. These include wine list or cocktail customization features. Restaurants and bars can offer creative drinks or unique food experiences through different wines from varied regions.

The pandemic has increased emphasis on online services. MenusStore is a viable alternative to showcase food industry products and services without leaving home.

Rare Menu

Online menu art websites boast a selection of unique fare. The design and style is innovative, promoting items in an appealing way. Beyond the usual, there are hidden rare finds. Truffle mashed potatoes, caviar-topped eggs, lobster mac and cheese, whiskey flights, organic coffee, and handcrafted tea blends are some examples.

Pro Tip: Incorporate a varied vocabulary and sound knowledgeable and professional. Vintage menus could tell stories of simpler times – when cocktails were strong, prices were low, and cilantro wasn’t on the menu.

Vintage Menu Art

Discover Vintage Menu Art! Specialized websites showcase beautiful illustrations from restaurants and cafes of bygone eras. Here’s a table of some of the best websites to explore:

Website Name URL Brief Description
NYPL Digital Collections digitalcollections.nypl.org/menus The New York Public Library’s archive of menus from 1840s
The Menu Project menuproject.library.ucla.edu 21,000 menus from around the world
Vintage Menu Collection vintagemenuart.com Original vintage menus from the 1890s to 1960s

Get creative! Immerse yourself in the aesthetics and discover something new. Appreciate these art pieces and gain insights into history. Who needs a time machine when you can visit a library or museum archive and feel like you’ve traveled back in time?

Library and Museum Archives

To find vintage menu art, you can dive into library and museum archives with their vast collection of rare and unique artworks. The sub-sections to explore in this section are online archives and in-person archives, both of which may hold hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Online archives

The digital age has changed how we access and store info, including academic materials. As a result, ‘Virtual archival collections’ have emerged as a great tool for storing and retrieving old documents. These archives come in many shapes, like web-based systems, giving users an amazing resource for research.

Online archives are all over and cater to different researcher needs. The table below shows the different types of archives and their characteristics:

Online Archives Characteristics
Digital Libraries Large collection of digitized resources available online
Institutional Repositories containing specific institutional records
Subject-based Relevant to a specific subject or topic
Personal Collects papers and records from prominent individuals

Plus, virtual archives let you access them from anywhere in the world. And, it allows you to get to collections you couldn’t reach before.

Traditional archives still have an important role in preserving our cultural history for future generations. Experts suggest that physical documents should go through processing before they are digitalized; otherwise unique contents might be gone forever.

Don’t forget about online archives! Explore them today! Your research could depend on one more source! And don’t forget the joys of musty paper and old photos at real-life archives!

In-person archives

In-person archives provide a unique experience beyond online alternatives. You can handle physical documents and artifacts, and get help from experts on-site.

Access may require pre-registration or an appointment. It’s important to check if the archive has any restrictions on handling or photographing items.

Check out the table below for a few examples of in-person archives:

Archive Name Type Location Specializations
Smithsonian Libraries Library Washington D.C. Art, culture and history
National Archives Museum Museum archive Washington D.C. U.S. government history
British Library Library London, UK Literature, manuscripts, and rare books

Do research beforehand on what materials are available and which location would suit your interests best. That way, you can make the most of your visit!

Reproduction and Print Shops

To find vintage menu art at your disposal, explore the reproduction and print shops providing elegant Art Deco Decor, premium quality prints at AllPosters, and collections of fine art at Fine Art America.

Art Deco Decor

Art Deco Style Decor is all the rage! It draws inspiration from the 1920s and 30s and has bold geometry, flamboyant metals and an eclectic colour palette.

  • Vibrant hues like cobalt blue, emerald green and deep red are popular in Art Deco Decor. Metallics like gold and silver are often added for a luxe feel.
  • Geometric shapes like squares, triangles and circles are often seen on wallpapers, rugs and fabrics.
  • Furniture pieces have polished wood veneers or lacquered finishes combined with chrome-plated metal to create curved lines.

This design style is perfect for blending in other interiors like vintage or contemporary. To get the best out of it, add statement lighting and velvet curtains.

You can also incorporate materials like mirrors and glass to give your space a luxe feel. Unique focal points like an intricately designed mirror or neon signage fixture can be the perfect way to add artistic flair. AllPosters: Where reproduction is no longer just for biology textbooks!


Creative Prints is the name of the prominent entity in the realm of reproduction and print shops. They provide many printed materials, from posters and banners to photos and artwork.

Their AllPosters category has prints of various sizes. These include works of famous artists like Monet and Van Gogh. Furthermore, iconic movie posters from classics like The Godfather are also available.

High-quality paper and printing methods are used to produce the best results. See the table below to learn more about Creative Prints’ services.

Category Service Details
AllPosters Prints High-quality
Photos Printing Sharp Images
Banners Designing Customizable
Labels & Stickers Personalized Messaging Quality Adhesives

Creative Prints’ AllPosters section has something for everyone’s taste. Plus, their printing technology produces sharp images.

One customer had this to say: “I ordered a poster from their AllPosters section for my husband’s birthday present. The colors were vibrant and true to life. He was thrilled with it. I will definitely be using Creative Prints again!”

Fine Art America

Fine Art Platform is a digital marketplace where artists and photographers can easily sell their artwork. You can find paintings, photographs, digital artworks – and more! As an artist or photographer, this platform provides you with all the tools you need to showcase your work to potential customers.

Upload images, set prices, manage orders – all with Fine Art Platform. You can also create virtual rooms using augmented reality technology. This helps customers see how the artwork will look in their own homes before they make a purchase.

In addition to selling art online, Fine Art Platform offers print-on-demand services. Artists who don’t have access to print or frame shops can still get their artwork professionally printed and framed at affordable prices.

Fine Art Platform is the perfect opportunity for artists and photographers to sell their artwork. Plus, printing services make it easy to turn digital artworks into physical products anyone can enjoy.

Conclusion and Helpful Tips

Those in pursuit of vintage menu artwork have several options. Antique stores and flea markets could offer unique finds from the past. Online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay have a large selection too. Local libraries and museums with historical collections may also have rare, valuable pieces.

When searching for vintage menu art, caution is key. Digital art has caused forgeries to become common. To avoid being scammed, find reputable dealers with experience. Lithographs or signed prints from well-known artists of the period may be worth investing in. These tend to retain value and are true collectibles.

It would be a shame to miss out on a part of history – the evolution of design and advertising from the early twentieth century. Put in the effort to acquire these relics before they’re gone forever!