Where To Find Vintage Style Artwork

Online Marketplaces for Vintage Style Artwork

To find the perfect vintage style artwork for your home, explore the world of online marketplaces. Etsy, eBay, Chairish, Ruby Lane, and 1stdibs offer a vast selection of vintage-inspired pieces to suit any taste. Discover the unique benefits of each platform and start curating your own vintage art collection today.


Etsy is a popular spot for art aficionados! A platform that offers a variety of unusual, handmade and vintage pieces. It’s a great way to connect with independent artists from all around the globe.

These are some of the unique features:

  • Artistic products made with personal touches.
  • Handcrafted artwork for individuals to purchase.
  • A collection that reflects various cultures and time periods.
  • Enables local artists and small businesses to reach a global audience.

Etsy has an expansive and creative community. These talented makers make each item on the marketplace one-of-a-kind.

It’s remarkable that Etsy was founded in 2005 and now has over 81 million buyers worldwide. It’s one of the largest online shopping venues today!


This online marketplace platform has it all when it comes to vintage-style artwork. It’s where people can buy and sell unique art from artists all over the world.

Collectors and artists can connect. Plus, there’s a wide range of art, like posters, paintings, and rare prints. Plus, they have an auction system. People can bid for the artwork they want. The bids can get quite exciting as they try to outbid each other.

One seller on this platform had an inspiring story. He started collecting vintage posters as a hobby. He decided to turn his passion into a business and started selling them online. Through hard work and dedication, his small business grew into a profitable one.


Ruby Lane is the authority on vintage furniture and home decor. They offer unique and rare finds from trusted sources around the world. Mid-century modern pieces are available too!

Their website and virtual reality app help you to visualize how their pieces will look in your home. Plus, there are many unusual vintage objects to choose from.

This platform offers excellent customer service with hassle-free returns and secure transactions. Their collections are always fresh and sell-out quickly.

Discover the beautiful vintage art collection at Ruby Lane. Get an always timeless look that never goes out of style!

Ruby Lane

1stdibs is the place to be for vintage style artwork and collectibles. Searching is easy with its sophisticated engine and high-quality images. Plus, a variety of sellers offer jewelry, glassware, and furniture.

This marketplace stands out for its customer service and attention to detail. Buyers can trust the vetted sellers. Shopping here is a seamless experience.

A jewelry collector founded 1stdibs, seeing a gap in the market. She wanted to connect collectors with unique pieces from around the world. Hence, a community of vintage-lovers was born!

It’s time to artfully dodge your bank account balance with 1stdibs’ vintage artwork.


1stdibs is a must-visit online marketplace for art lovers. It offers unique pieces ranging from jewelry to sculptures and furniture. Sellers from all around the world are catered to. So, you’ll find items that can’t be found elsewhere.

Explore ‘The Look’ and ‘Deals’ sections. These offer an insight on how vintage artifacts can be used in modern settings and cost-effective deals too. Join their newsletter/email services for updates on additions, sales, and upcoming events.

If you’re looking for a centerpiece or want to invest in rare home decor pieces, 1stdibs has something for everyone. It’s like winning the vintage style artwork lottery! No scratch-offs needed.

Antique Stores and Flea Markets

To find Vintage Style Artwork at Antique Stores and Flea Markets, Local Antique Stores, Flea Markets and Antique Fairs, and Estate Sales are the solutions. Explore the abundant and authentic vintage artworks at these places.

Local Antique Stores

Discover local antique vendors by asking around about vintage stores in the area. There’s a unique range of items for sale at each shop. Some specialize in particular periods or topics, and metalwork shops are often partnered with them. Prices differ based on rareness or condition.

Also, the way the vendors show off their special finds reflects the expertise of the collectors. Show respect for the historic inventory. It’s often expected to haggle at flea markets, so look out for bargains.

If you’re after rare valuables, start early because they sell out fast. Build relationships with antique dealers and explore the market for a special memento, like an ashtray.

Flea Markets and Antique Fairs

Glimpse into the past with traditional objects like furniture, pottery, and jewelry. Flea markets offer second-hand or vintage items at competitive prices, while antique fairs have rare and expensive goods from the early 1900s.

These events are often hosted in places with a rich history – vintage parks, museums, and more. Don’t forget to check out the food trucks for local bites!

Surprise yourself with unusual items like war relics and unconventional forms of art. Did you know the Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts is the largest outdoor antique market? Estate sales are a great way to find one-of-a-kind items – remember, one man’s junk is another man’s inheritance.

Estate Sales

Are you ready to bid farewell to your wallet at art auctions and estate sales? It’s an experience like no other! Before attending, do some research to find out any potential valuable items that may be included. Here are some tips for making the most of your Estate Sale experience:

  • Connect with estate sale companies or individuals online who frequently hold sales in your area.
  • Bring a friend who has experience with estate sales to show you the ropes.
  • Arrive early to get the best selection of items, or visit towards the end for reduced prices.
  • Have cash and be prepared to negotiate.
  • Inspect items thoroughly before purchasing.
  • Be respectful of the deceased person’s belongings and avoid haggling over sentimental items.
  • Expect crowds and be patient while waiting for your turn to view the items.
  • Most importantly, have fun exploring and discovering unique treasures!

Follow these tips to make sure you get the most out of your estate sale experience.

Art Auctions and Estate Sales

To find vintage style artwork, turn to art auctions and estate sales. These offer unique opportunities to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. Check out the sub-sections of this section: Online Art Auctions, Live Art Auctions, Estate Sales.

Online Art Auctions

Those keen on buying art pieces may consider Electronic Auctions. These have become popular lately.

Benefits include:

  • Global reach.
  • Wider selection of artwork.
  • Easy and convenient bidding process.

Drawbacks are:

  • No chance to view art in person before bidding.
  • Risk of fraud or scams by auctioneers or buyers.

Before entering any auction, ensure you research and assess the integrity of the auctioneer.

Pro Tip: Always check shipping costs, payment options and additional costs before bidding.

Live art auctions can come with intense bidding and eyeballing from wealthy collectors – so bring both your wallet and poker face!

Live Art Auctions

Live auctions for fine art are a thing in the art world. They happen at auction houses and are run by experienced auctioneers.

Here’s info on some of the top Live Art Auctions in recent years:

Auction House Most Expensive Lot Hammer Price Date
Christie’s Salvator Mundi (da Vinci) $450,312,500 Nov-2017
Sotheby’s Nu Couché (Modigliani) $157,200,000 May-2018
Phillips Untitled (Basquiat) $110,487,500 May-2017

Live art auctions can be fun, but they come with risks. Do your research on the auction house and set a budget to avoid overspending.

Participating in live art auctions can be great for collectors and buyers looking to add special pieces to their collections. Estate sales can be like treasure hunts, only the treasure is dead and you have to pay for it.

Estate Sales

Estate liquidation means selling a person’s possessions which represent their total worth. It can happen after they have passed or retired. Estate sales offer a chance to get rid of assets, or for the heirs/beneficiaries to own them.

  • Heirs may lack time, information, or energy to sell each item separately, so estate sales are helpful in this case.
  • Estate auctions can be exciting, and attract buyers from different backgrounds.
  • Sellers can also hire an estate sale professional to manage, promote, display, and price items.

Buyers at estate sales can find rare products not made anymore. They could also stumble upon some unexpected finds.

A good idea would be to employ a reliable appraiser prior to advertising the sale. This way, you won’t undervalue any rare items. Also, promote the sale using various sources – e.g. Facebook Marketplace. Lastly, be careful about fraudulent transactions as they exist in this industry too.

Nothing says ‘vintage’ like a reproduction that’s almost as old as the original.

Reproductions of Vintage Style Artwork

To easily get reproductions of vintage style artwork with online retailers, local art stores, and print-on-demand services can be the solution for you.

Online Retailers

Searching for vintage-style artwork? Look no further than online retailers! Society6, AllPosters, and Art.com all offer a wide variety of options. Canvas prints, wall decals, posters, and framed artwork – you name it! Prices and quality vary, plus customization options like size and frame are available.

Personalized designs? That’s right! Some retailers tailor artwork to your preferences. Shopping in-person is great, but online retailers are perfect for those with a specific theme or style in mind.

One customer bought a vintage-inspired piece from Society6 for her home office. She was delighted with the selection and loved customizing the piece. The artwork? Delivered quickly and well-packaged. A seamless shopping experience!

Why settle for a cheap imitation when you can get the real deal at your local art store?

Local Art Stores

Local art stores are a sight to behold. They boast an astonishing variety of artwork – from hand-drawn sketches to oil paintings, modern designs and even custom pieces. You can find replicas and reproductions of vintage style artwork from renowned artists. Plus, the stores feature recreations with faithful details that retain the essence of the original work.

The art stores showcase unique sets of works. Here, you can discover new styles and medium combinations. From sculptures and ceramics to handmade bronze statues with diverse themes – you’ll find something to marvel at.

It’s interesting to note that local art stores date back centuries. Royal family galleries used to display portraits by commissioned artists for tourists. Although the art scene has evolved, these establishments still honor creativity and craftsmanship.

Print-On-Demand Services

POD services make it easy to purchase artwork. Browse an online catalogue and choose a reproduction. It’s printed on-demand and shipped directly to you. Here’s a list of the top POD services with their features, prices, and selling points:

  1. Society6: Wide collection, high-quality printing. Prices range from $20 to $150+. Supports independent artists and has eco-friendly production processes.
  2. Redbubble: Lots of products, user-friendly interface. Prices vary. Offers unique designs from independent artists.
  3. FineArtAmerica: Many print options and customization. Includes framing options. Prices range from $15 to $1,000+. Connects customers with independent artists. Uses high-quality materials.

Custom orders are accepted too, you can adjust colors and add text.

POD services have grown in popularity due to their convenience and affordability. But they have historical precedent. Before printing was widely available, shops used lithography or relief engraving to reproduce famous artworks or portraits upon request. They sold these prints to collectors or used them for decoration. Cheap paper and printing materials made them even more popular during the Victorian era.

DIY Artwork

To create your own vintage-style artwork, turn to the DIY Artwork section with a focus on Tutorial Websites and YouTube Channels, as well as Supplies and Materials. Explore a wealth of resources to learn new techniques, get hands-on guidance, and discover the perfect materials to bring your vision to life.

Tutorial Websites and YouTube Channels

The art world has broadened beyond regular methods. Tutorials and Online Channels provide DIY Art access. Here are some to try:

  • Art for Kids Hub – Ideal for kiddos, but adults love it too.
  • The Art Sherpa – Acrylic painting tutorials for all skill levels.
  • Skillshare – Great for DIYers who want to learn from experts.
  • Jessica Kobeissi – Learn portrait and fashion photography on her YouTube channel.
  • Amy Tangerine – Enjoy scrapbooking or mixed media art with this “crafty guru”.
  • Jazza Studios – Learn to make art with Wacom tablets and software like Photoshop or Procreate.

For more unique artistic expression, search for tutorials that focus on niche crafts or styles. Create your own jewelry or home decor with these creative offerings from influencers.

Pro Tip: Match tutorials to your skill level. Start with beginner channels before trying the advanced stuff. DIY artwork: the only time it’s cool to hoard empty toilet rolls!

Supplies and Materials

For amazing DIY artwork, you need a few supplies and materials to release your creativity. Here are the six basics:

  1. canvas/paper
  2. acrylic paints
  3. paintbrushes
  4. palette knives
  5. an easel
  6. a protective apron

For more fun, add pencils, markers, pastels, sponges, and rollers.

Mix colors and use color theories like complementary or analogous. And, use painting techniques like blending and brushstrokes. To take it up a notch, experiment with recycled goods, fabric, and natural elements like flowers and leaves.

Pro Tip: Protect your workspace by laying out plastic sheets or newspapers. That’ll keep paint splashes away from the surroundings.

DIY artwork: because nothing says “I love you” like a half-finished project.


Vintage-style artwork can be found in many places. Art galleries often showcase renowned artists’ pieces, while online marketplaces offer a wide selection of affordable options. Vintage shops and flea markets are great for finding one-of-a-kind vintage art. Also, keep an eye on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and potentially rare finds.

When looking for vintage-style artwork, it’s important to consider authenticity, condition, and provenance. Do some research to make sure you’re making a wise investment. Verify the seller’s reputation before making any purchases from online marketplaces or social media.

It may take some patience and persistence, but searching for vintage-style artwork can lead to a unique addition to your home or office decor. A friend of mine had a great experience shopping for vintage artwork at flea markets in Europe. She found a beautiful portrait of a woman with soft brushstrokes that she bargained for and added to her collection. Later, she realized it was painted by an acclaimed artist from the 19th century – making it a valuable find. Her story proves that sometimes the best treasures come unexpectedly and require taking chances.