How Do You Make A Modern House Look Victorian


To give a modern house a Victorian vibe, use elements from the era. Crown molding and cabinetry with intricate designs will do the trick. Incorporate ornate light fixtures, wallpaper, and colors popular in the Victorian era.

Mix modern appliances and amenities with traditional accents. Kitchens or bathrooms can have a perfect balance of style and comfort. An interior designer or decorator can help bring your vision to life.

Victorian design incorporates various patterns. The Spruce informs us of this. To capture the Victorian essence, “more is always more“. Except for indoor plumbing, of course!

Elements of Victorian architecture

Achieve a modern house with a Victorian touch by utilizing iconic features. Merge classic designs with custom details. Ornate moldings, arched windows, steep gabled roofs, decorative entryways, bay windows, stained glass panels and wrought iron railings add to the Victorian aesthetics.

Creating a Victorian-style blueprint for space doesn’t mean violating contemporary design guidelines. Select furniture and decorations pieces that fit into the era’s theme. Accessories such as claw-foot tubs, chandeliers and vintage light fixtures with gold finishes mimic Victorian style.

Detail is essential when transforming a modern home into a Victorian-style space. Soft whites, greys and natural wood finishes are favorable colors. Combining damask prints or flowery designs on accent walls goes hand-in-hand with this era’s essence.

Aiming for an avant-garde version of Victorian architecture? Get creative while maintaining balance. Curate antiques to make it feel cozy yet timeless. Keep the lines of symmetry strong. Focus on craftsmanship details and align drawers or cabinets symmetrically. Give your modern house a touch of Victorian flair and watch your peers try to pronounce ‘fleur-de-lis‘!

Incorporating Victorian elements into a modern house

Infuse your modern property with Victorian style by adding ornate moldings, intricate detailing and antique furniture. Capture the classic era or highlight similarities between past and present design trends.

Crown molding, wainscoting, and ceiling medallions add a touch of grandeur and traditional elegance. Invest in tufted sofas, velvet and other lavish fabrics for seating. Or, hang wall coverings with retro patterns like damask prints or floral designs.

Decorative glass doors and stained glass bring a nostalgic mood. Fireplaces wrapped in glossy tiles or wooden mantels are popular choices from the past.

Blend Victorian elements with modern aesthetics. Rooms can have old-world charm balanced by modern sensibilities. Creating meaningful combinations takes time – even if you’re engraving coexisting periods together.

Bring your modern house back to the 19th century with Victorian lighting.


Achieving a Victorian Effect with Illumination

To get that Victorian feeling in modern homes, lighting is key. The correct amount and placement of lighting can make all the difference. Here’s a table that explains how you can use lighting to give your home a Victorian look.

Lighting Type Description Benefits
Chandeliers Ornate & elaborate; hang from ceiling Adds ambiance & grandeur to the room
Wall Sconces Mounted on walls; low-lighted Gives a classic touch without being overwhelming
Candles Vintage, tapered sconces or candlesticks Provides romantic illumination; complements other Victorian techniques

For extra subtlety, try placing candles in candelabras and using lampshades with fringes. These techniques will help you create an atmosphere from the era of Queen Victoria. So go ahead and give your home a timeless ‘Victorian’ effect.


Incorporate vintage details such as ornate moldings, stained glass windows, and decorative wallpaper to enhance a modern home with Victorian aesthetics. Balance classic and modern by mixing antique furnishings with contemporary pieces. Create an authentic atmosphere with a monochromatic palette of muted hues from the Victorian era.

Remember to carefully select which elements of Victorian design to add so as not to overwhelm the contemporary look. Achieving a successful fusion is key!